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Asheville Food: Where To Eat And Drink

Are you wondering where you should eat and drink in Asheville? Find the best Asheville food spots.

We’ll talk cafes, restaurants, and food trucks. Discover Asheville breweries, wineries, pubs, coffee shops, and bars, too.

Everyone knows Asheville, North Carolina is Foodtopia. It’s true.

Asheville is a foodie’s dream. Not only can you find every type of cuisine here, but we also have a stellar craft beer scene, eclectic wineries, and hipster distilleries.

As Asheville locals, uncover our secret and not-so-secret spots for the best Asheville food and drinks. We’ll tell you where to eat in Asheville and where to get refreshing cocktails, hops, grape juice, takeout, and DONUTS.

Plus, find vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free restaurants, and all of our favorite spots as AVL locals.

Lastly, we’ll take you around Western North Carolina (WNC) for food and drinks near Asheville. Think Weaverville, Hendersonville, and Black Mountain. Let’s get started.

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Asheville food and drink with city of Asheville at sunset
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Local Asheville Food Scene: Restaurants

What are some of our favorite Asheville foodie spots and restaurants as locals? Where should you eat? How do you choose? We got you!

Best Food Around Asheville, NC

Don't miss these fabulous restaurants near Asheville, NC, especially for an overnight or day trip.

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Asheville Food Specialities

Where can you get donuts? Coffee? Italian cookies? The best apple cider? Keep reading.

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Where To Drink In And Around Asheville

It’s no secret that part of the Asheville food appeal is in liquid form. Cough; cough: Beer. But, did you know that Asheville also has stellar bars, distilleries, and wineries?

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