Where To Get Good Soup In Asheville When You Have A Cold

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Whether you have a cold or are fighting the cold, these are our favorite places for dine-in and takeout soup in Asheville. We especially love hearty and nutritious soups like ramen, bone broth, and pho.

Featured article, "Soup In Asheville" image with large black bowl fill with ramen, including noodles, broth, tofu, and vegetables from Mizu Noodle and Asian Cuisine in Asheville, NCPin
Ramen from Mizu

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Our Top 3

As someone with ulcerative colitis on multiple immunosuppressants, it’s no surprise that I am a sponge for germs. After a terrible flu season, we spent the month ordering takeout soup across Asheville and dining out once I was no longer contagious; those symptoms can linger for months. Soup is a great option for hydration, to relieve congestion, and to get in nutrients with a suppressed appetite. Plus, sometimes you just want to warm up on a chilly day.

These are the best restaurants for soup in Asheville:

  • Itto Ramen Bar & Tapas
  • Wild Ginger
  • Bone & Broth
Christine, a white brunette female in a green sweater, eating a bowl of ramen at a brown table at Mizu Noodle and Asian Cuisine in Asheville, NCPin

Keep reading for details on our top picks along with even more spots for steamy soup, as an appetizer or main course.

Best Ramen Soup In Asheville

Nothing beats a delicious bowl of Japanese Ramen soup, combining broth, noodles, meats, eggs, and vegetables.

Itto Ramen Bar & Tapas

Bowl of ramen soup with pork and red spoon on table at Itto Ramen Bar and Tapas in Asheville, NC (West Asheville location) Pin
  • Ramen, poke, Japanese tapas; GF and vegan menu items labeled
  • Neighborhoods: West, Downtown, and South Asheville (Arden)
  • Delivery Options: Takeout Central, DoorDash, GrubHub
  • Contact: See website per location

It’s pretty contentious who makes the best ramen in Asheville, but I just love Itto Ramen Bar & Tapas. I almost always order the slightly richer “Itto Deluxe Ramen” with black garlic oil and an extra seasoned egg. Itto’s ramen menu also features miso, classic, curry, spicy, vegetable (vegan/GF), and seafood ramen.

When we dine in at Itto, we tend to over-order all of their delicious tapas. Find salads, wings, yakitori, edamame, shumai, and even a few sushi rolls. It’s one of our favorite Asian restaurants in Asheville along with Red Ginger.

Mizu Noodle & Asian Cuisine

  • Ramen, pho, poke bowls and burritos, curries, noodles
  • Neighborhood: West Asheville
  • Delivery Options: DoorDash
  • Contact: 22 New Leicester Hwy Suite D, Asheville, NC 28806; (828) 785-1818

Newer to Asheville (2023), Mizu is a hidden gem for noodles, curries, and ramen in Asheville. Don’t let the congested New Leicester Highway scare you away. This unassuming, simple restaurant with counter service has a unique build-your-own ramen option, starting with the broth and continuing onto proteins, noodles, and extra toppings.

If you are craving pho, get there earlier in the day before they run out, and Tom loves their curries. We’ve also tried their sushi and dumplings, and next door, shop for Asian groceries and treats at YZ Asian Market.

Where To Get Pho

I always crave pho, Vietnamese soup with broth noodles and meats or seafood, on a cold day. Top off your soup with basil, bean sprouts, and a squirt of lime, and you have the perfect feel-good soup. Many add hot sauce too.

Wild Ginger Noodle Bar

White bowl of pho soup with light brown broth, onions, basil, noodles, and meatballs on table at Wild Ginger Noodle Bar in Asheville, NCPin
  • Vietnamese pho, rice, and noodle dishes; menu labeled for GF, vegan, and “allergens”
  • Neighborhood: South Asheville
  • Delivery Options: None (dine in or pick up)
  • Contact: 1950 Hendersonville Rd Ste 12, Asheville, NC 28803; (828) 676-1827

It is not that easy to find pho in Asheville, but Wild Ginger makes the best. We first ate here while house-hunting, and they’ve been a staple Asheville restaurant since. Of course, come here for the pho. I usually order beef brisket or meatballs.

Wild Ginger’s menu also features bahn mi, rice dishes, and Tom’s pick, the vermicelli rice noodle salad or pork chop. I love that I can order non-dairy bubble tea (I’m lactose-intolerant). It’s small and bustling during peak hours so aim for less frequented times.

Suwana Asian Cuisine (Tunnel Road)

  • Japanese and Thai cuisine
  • Neighborhood: South Asheville
  • Delivery Options: DoorDash and Takeout Central
  • Contact: 45 Tunnel Rd, Asheville, NC 28805; (828) 505-3189

Suwana’s has multiple locations across Western North Carolina, including Downtown and South Asheville as well as Waynesville. We’ve eaten at all three, and they each promise a slightly different twist whether it be sushi rolls, noodles, fried rice, soups, or curries.

However, Suwana’s Asian Cuisine on Tunnel Road makes delicious pho, perfect for takeout in Asheville. Like Itto, they box up the noodles and broth separately. Tom also appreciates Suwana’s gluten-free pad Thai, and you can order other soups including Tom Yum, Tom Kha, and Won Ton.

Soup with chicken, eggs, noodles, and mushrooms from Suwana Asian Cuisine in Waynesville, NCPin
Soup from Suwana’s in Waynesville

Great Bone Broth, Noodle Soup, & More

I always crave bone broth in a UC flare-up since it is chock full of nutrients and easy on my stomach. These are just a few more places to warm up with a steaming bowl of soup, whether it be veggie, bone broth, ginger, or miso.

Bone & Broth

Christine, a white brunette female drinking Bone Broth from a clear glass with two cocktails on the table at Asheville restaurant, Bone and BrothPin
  • Elevated Southern classics serving up bone broth
  • Neighborhood: North Asheville
  • Delivery Options: None; pick-up only
  • Contact: 94 Charlotte St, Asheville, NC 28801; (828) 505-2849

One of our favorite date night restaurants, Bone & Broth is my go-to for the best bone broth soup in Asheville, especially since I never want to make it at home (it’s time-intensive!). Enjoy your bone broth served in a mug with bread and pair it with a salad or pasta (or cocktail, ahem).

Just be forewarned that as a fancier and meatier restaurant, Bone & Broth usually only offers a few soups on their rich and heavy menu. Select from delicious steaks, burgers, and seafood entrees too.

Thai Pearl

Ginger soup with tofu and cilantro in white bowl with red rim design at Thai Pearl in West AshevillePin
  • Thai restaurant with soups, noodles, and apps; GF and vegan/veggie labels
  • Neighborhood: West Asheville
  • Delivery Options: Takeout Central
  • Contact: 747 Haywood Road Asheville, NC 28806; (828) 412-5905

If you love Thai food as much as we do, West Asheville’s Thai Pearl is one of the best. We always order a delicious noodle dish like Pad Thai and Pad See-Ew paired with fried onion rings, soup, and salad.

I especially love their ginger rice soup. It is tummy-friendly and will warm you right up. Plus, select from even more soup options like Tom Kha, Chicken Noodle, Tom Yum, and Thai Street or Pink Noodle. Tell Chef May “hi” from us too!

Pulp & Sprout

Tom, a white brunette male in maroon sweater with hat and sunglasses, with gluten free sandwich on plate with sweet potato salad at Pulp and Sprout in Asheville NC Pin
  • Dedicated vegan cafe and juice bar with GF options
  • Neighborhood: North Asheville
  • Delivery Options: Takeout Central
  • Contact: 233 S Liberty St, Asheville, NC 28801; (828) 412-5701

Pulp & Sprout is our go-to for budget-friendly and casual vegan cuisine in Asheville. For delivery, I always order one of their delicious broths like Miso Ginger or Golden Tonic; I don’t have a nice photo that does their soup justice, though, since it comes in a takeout coffee container, and I sip it like a hot bevie.

Pulp & Sprout is also a great spot if you are craving healthy fruit juices, bowls, smoothies, and sandwiches. As a Celiac household, this is the perfect gluten-free breakfast and lunch spot for us. Order at the counter and grab a seat inside or out.

A visit to Pulp & Sprout pairs nicely with a relaxing Asheville Salt Cave session. Next door, Liberty House Cafe is a terrific local coffee shop.

BoonChoo Thai Express (Flat Rock)

Ginger Soup in tin bowl on brown table and garnished with cilantro with hot sake glasses in background at Boon Choo in Flat Rock, NCPin
  • Casual, counter-service Thai restaurant; GF and vegan menu options labeled
  • Town: Flat Rock/Hendersonville
  • Delivery Options: Drive-thru or pick-up (DoorDash if you live closer)
  • Contact: 576 Upward Rd, Flat Rock, NC 28731; (828) 435-9077

Another delicious Thai restaurant, about 35 to 40 minutes by car from Asheville, we had to mention Flat Rock’s BoonChoo Thai Express. It’s one of our favorite Hendersonville area restaurants, especially on the way to apple orchards and wineries.

Their ginger soup rivals Thai Pearl, but the two restaurants have different atmospheres. This casual counter-service spot not only offers traditional Thai soups, but promises noodles, stir fry, and curries.

A Few More Soup Spots To Try

Delivery Ramen in our white bowl with noodles, tofu, egg, brown broth and vegetables from Gan Shan West in Asheville, NCPin
Gan Shan West ramen takeout

While Tom and I lean towards pho and ramen, more places for the best soup in Asheville that we, our readers, and our friends enjoy include:

We’d love to know your favorite spots in the comments too. Be sure to check out all of our Asheville Dining Guides.

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