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5 Delicious Distilleries In Asheville, NC To Boost Your Spirit

Are you looking for gin, whiskey, rum, moonshine, and liqueurs in AVL? Don’t miss these 5 fantastic distilleries in Asheville, NC — and their spirited products on local shelves.

It’s no secret that Asheville is a major foodie town with endless breweries. However, did you know that Asheville also offers even more boozy adventures like wineries and distilleries?

The distilleries in Asheville host tastings, tours, and cocktails. You can find their spirits and liquors at local restaurants and package stores (OK; I’m busted here: I am originally from CT…liquor stores!? Whatever you call them).

I won’t pretend to be a distillery expert, either. I just drink the goods, know what I like, and occasionally whip up a cocktail for my other site, The Uncorked Librarian.

So, what Asheville distilleries should you visit for your spirits and liquors? Which ones have bars and serve cocktails?

Below, UA is sharing 5 main distilleries in Asheville, NC and what makes each so special. Let’s get started.

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Distilleries In Asheville North Carolina with whiskey, bitters, and vanilla syrup
Looking for something different in the sea of beer? Don’t miss a taste of the mountains with these stellar distilleries in Asheville, NC.

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5 Distilleries In Asheville To Taste The Mountains

1. Cultivated Cocktails Distillery

Asheville Distilleries Cultivated Cocktails with peach cocktail, SHodes of Rose gin, bitters, vanilla, and Bellini mix
We just love this Shades and the Giant Peach literary cocktail from Cultivated Cocktails. Located in our favorite corner of downtown Asheville near the Battery Park Book Exchange, Cultivated Cocktails is your go-to Asheville distillery for the best home bar supplies. Photo by Sarah Resta Photography.

It’s no secret that Cultivated Cocktails (formerly H & H Distillery) is one of our favorite distilleries in Asheville. We also partner with them for The Uncorked Librarian’s literary cocktails — our sister site.

Along with classy home bar schwag like double jiggers, glassware, and shakers, you can purchase whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and liqueurs.

Our favorites include the Steel Horse Whisky, Shades of Rose Gin, and Coffee Liqueur. They also sell delicious bitters, and you can order a craft cocktail at the bar.

You might remember The Uncorked Librarian showcasing one of their craft cocktail boxes — complete with glasses, recipe, and ingredients — on the Aloft Hotel’s new Ledge mid-2020.

Distilleries in Asheville Cultivated Cocktails with Steel Horse Whiskey, Vanilla, smoke and salt bitters, and cocktail glass on top of book with apple decor
One of our favorite whiskies for an Old Fashioned, don’t miss Cultivated Cocktails Steel Horse Whisky. They also sell delicious bitters and syrups. Photo by Sarah Resta Photography.

Cultivated Cocktails Distillery Location

Distillery & Shop: 29 Page Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, USA
Phone: 828-338-9779

Cultivated Cocktails’s production facility is located in East Asheville. Tours of the Asheville distillery are by appointment only.

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2. Asheville Distilling Company

Founded in 2010, one of the Asheville distilleries on our bucket list includes Asheville Distilling. 2020 has been quite a year, and usually, they offer tours and tastings.

Asheville Distilling Company is also one of the few distilleries in Asheville that produces Moonshine. Here, you can taste whiskey brimming with mountain-flavors like honey and nectarine.

Asheville Distilling Location

12 Old Charlotte Hwy, Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 575-2000

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3. Chemist Spirits

Chemist Spirits Distillery Asheville with wooden bar that looks like file holders and distillery in background
While we haven’t completed a full tour, we’ve definitely tasted all of the gin at Chemist Spirits. If you are looking for a day of booze-hopping around downtown, Chemist is one of the distilleries in Asheville situated around all of the beer. The Funkatorium is next door, and Twin Leaf is across the street. Plus, they have a popular cocktail bar, Antidote.

If you are looking for distilleries in Asheville near all of the local breweries like Twin Leaf, the Funkatorium, and Green Man, head to Chemist Spirits.

Explore many of Chemist’s creations at local Asheville establishments like Chiesa and Biltmore, too.

Chemist specializes in gin, and you can do a tasting while there. They also produce a Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur, Reserve Whiskey, and Biltmore Rose Gin.

Don’t forget to visit Antidote at Chemist Spirits, their 19th-century cocktail lounge. Antidote is one of the most unique rooftop bars in Asheville.

Chemist Spirits Location

151 Coxe Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 263-6943

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4. Dalton Distillery Asheville

Adam Dalton Distillery Asheville NC with leather couch and tapestry that says Small acts change the world
Adam Dalton Distillery Asheville with white brunette woman in pink plaid shirt making a cocktail with Dalton rum and juices

A family-run Asheville distillery, Dalton Distillery is Asheville’s first legal downtown distillery. They specialize in vodka and rum, and their spirits are Caribbean Island-inspired mixed with Appalachian love.

Dalton Distillery Asheville with bottles of rum, coffee-flavored rum, and vodka
If you are looking for Caribbean-style rum with a mountain flair, don’t miss Dalton Distillery. Photo by Joanna of Savvy Marketing Solutions.

Dalton Distillery also boasts of a “dive bar,” Dalton Distillery Bar, that serves the most local spirits in town. You will find a hipster place with arcade games and outdoor seating.

Adam Dalton Distillery Bar Asheville with alcohol lined up and mirror
Pull up a stool and enjoy a bevie at Dalton Distillery’s bar.

Dalton Distillery Location

251 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC, 28801
(828) 785-1499

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5. Eda Rhyne Distilling Company

Like many of the distilleries in Asheville, Eda Rhyne Distilling Company’s goal is to capture the essence of Southern Appalachia. They are also intrigued by the medicinal properties of the local flora and fauna.  

Uniquely, Eda Rhyne is the only distillery in North Carolina to produce Amaro, an Italian herbal liqueur. Along with their Amara Flora, Eda Rhyne produces an Appalachian Fernet and Rustic Nocino.

Their tasting room is temporarily closed.

Eda Rhyne Distilling Company Location

101 Fairview Rd Suite A, Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 412-5441

Don’t miss Oak and Grist Distilling Company over in Black Mountain, too.

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Save These Asheville Distilleries For Later

Asheville Distilleries Pinerest Pin with copper distilling pot and gin with cocktail
Headed to AVL? Save these Asheville distilleries for later and never be thirsty on your adventure.

What are your favorite distilleries in Asheville, NC?

What is your favorite Asheville distillery and spirit? We’d love to hear about your boozy Asheville experiences. Tell us all in the comments.

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