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15 Places For The Best Brunch In Asheville, NC (2023)

Looking for the best brunch in Asheville, NC? If it’s Saturday or Sunday, be sure to head over to these delicious Asheville brunch places.

We just love weekend brunch. Show us all of the eggs, seasonal cocktails, and freshly brewed coffee, especially after a fun night out bar and brewery hopping.

Of course, sometimes you just need a burger, chicken sandwich, or some fruit. Gotta soak up that beer and wind down your stomach.

As AVL residents, we’ve eaten at our fair share of restaurants, including both the popular and lesser-known brunch places in Asheville. We covet local spots.

While Tupelo Honey, Biscuit Head, and Early Girl Eatery are fantastic selections, we also want to give you a slightly different Asheville brunch list.

Think Rosetta’s Kitchen for vegan soul food and Leo’s House Of Thirst (Saturdays) or La Bodega for wine and tapas.

5 Points is a local diner must. Haywood Common is a West Asheville gem, and ELDR is a new 2022 restaurant in Grovewood Village.

Plus, which restaurants feature a variety of cuisines and price points perfect for the entire family? Are any pet-friendly?

Of course, we won’t skip fancy Asheville brunch spots like Isa’s, Social Lounge, and The Market Place. Biltmore Village’s Corner Kitchen is equally popular.

And, where can you find Saturday and Sunday brunch in Asheville for those of you who are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free? We are a part-Celiac and lactose-intolerant household ourselves.

Below, uncover just a few of the best places for brunch in Asheville, NC.

“Best” is always subjective, and we would love to know your favorites in the comments. We are always updating this list. Let’s get started!

*Please note that menus may be seasonal and are subject to change.

Read more about all of Asheville’s fantastic restaurants.

Best Brunch in Asheville NC with picture of eggs, peppers, and waffle fries in gray bowl from Social Lounge in Downtown Asheville
Which Asheville brunch places have rooftop seating, gorgeous gardens, massive wine lists, and simple local eats? Keep reading for a local’s guide to the best brunch in Asheville, NC.

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15 Places For The Best Brunch In Asheville, NC

1. Social Lounge

If you are looking for Saturday and Sunday brunch in Asheville, Social Lounge has a fantastic seasonal cocktail list and delicious brunch options – gluten-free and a few vegan dishes included.

Choose from their lighter fare like vegan lox, salads, and muffins. Or, order omelets, shrimp and grits, eggs, sweet pancakes, and French toast. Plus, there’s dessert.

You might just catch light live music from a guitarist, and for us, Social Lounge is our go-to before heading to a festival or fair in Pack Square. It’s a great way to beat the parking crowds and fuel up.

Social Lounge also has one of the quaintest rooftop bars in Downtown Asheville.

While the rooftop may not be as tall or as glamorous as Capella on 9, you still get those breathtaking mountain views.

A brunching party next to us best described the rooftop as a scene out of Better Homes and Gardens – with booze.

This restaurant is a great spot for couples and boasts a late-night bar. We also bring friends from out-of-town here.

Know that Social Lounge is the sister restaurant and connects to Strada Italiano, a romantic dinner restaurant. Enjoy indoor seating and a bar area.

Make online reservations in advance, if you can.

Park in the numerous Downtown garages; we prefer the Civic Center Garage behind Downtown Asheville’s chaotic main streets, but it is a bit of a hike.

New in 2022, Chef Anthony Cerrato also opened Gemelli in North AVL. This is a more low-key, Italian eatery perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Social Lounge Asheville | 29 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801

2. The Market Place

If you love people-watching, The Market Place is a great spot for brunch in Downtown Asheville. We highly suggest making reservations if you don’t want a one to two-hour wait, though.

Dining on the outside patio feels a bit like a European cafe. The inside is classy and sleek.

The Market Place has a local and seasonal draft list as well as stellar brunch cocktails. They specialize in farm-to-table American cuisine.

Enjoy shrimp and grits as well as handhelds and eggs. Think burgers, French toast, and steak and eggs.

Or, choose from salads, mac and cheese, yogurt and granola, a twist on lox, and biscuits and gravy. Seasonally, you’ll occasionally find seafood dishes.

While The Market Place doesn’t have a large selection of gluten-free and lactose-free options, they can modify a few dishes.

The Market Place is also a worthy Asheville fine-dining spot at dinnertime.

Find parking at the Wall Street Garage.

Nearby, head to Trade and Lore, one of the most whimsical and delicious Downtown Asheville coffee bars.

The Market Place | 20 Wall St, Asheville, NC 28801

3. ELDR Restaurant

Newer to North Asheville in Grovewood Village and across from the historic Omni Grove Park Inn, ELDR is a not-to-miss Asheville brunch spot. In fact, it’s one of our favorites.

Managed by the owners of Pulp & Sprout and the (former) Over Easy Cafe, find a wide variety of breakfast and lunch items, including one of the best burgers in town, handhelds, egg dishes, and pancakes.

We happened to catch a specialty pork schnitzel with egg and beet shavings, and the incredible selection of delicious handcrafted cocktails will force difficult decisions. You’ll want to try them all.

ELDR easily modifies food dishes for our intolerances – especially lactose – and they have gluten-free items and bread. With Celiacs, Tom can dine here.

Along with cocktails, enjoy coffee, tea, and an extensive wine list. ELDR’s menu changes daily.

Enjoy indoor dining in one of two rooms, at the bar, or on the outdoor patio. They also sell pottery and small souvenirs at the hostess stand.

Although we snagged a seat without reservations – after the brunch rush – we highly suggest making advanced reservations, especially if you have your heart set on eating at ELDR.

During the week, enjoy coffee and pastry service, lunch, and dinner. ELDR Restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but always double-check hours on their website.

Find free parking around the restaurant in Grovewood Village. Explore even more of North AVL’s happening restaurant scene.

ELDR Restaurant | 111 Grovewood Rd, Asheville, NC 28804

4. La Bodega by Cúrate

La Bodega by Curate Brunch Asheville North Carolina sandwich with egg, meats, and sautéed onions on white plate on brown tablePin
Looking for an unforgettable Sunday brunch in Asheville? Head to La Bodega.

Who else makes the best brunch in Asheville – and has a terrific wine list?

We nominate La Bodega by Cúrate, a newer 2022 wine and tapas bar located on S. Lexington Ave. in Downtown Asheville.

Of course, this is no surprise since Félix Meana and Chef Katie Button opened this Spanish café, market, and wine bar.

Their famous Spanish restaurant, Cúrate, won the 2022 James Beard Award for outstanding hospitality.

Unlike Cúrate, the prices are more moderate as well as budget-friendly. We appreciate that diners can try unique wines by the glass without breaking the bank.

So far, we’ve never had to wait for a table – although you can make reservations – and La Bodega has downstairs café seating and upstairs table service.

Open all day, enjoy a highly curated wine list, Spanish tapas like olives and melons with meat and cheese, and breakfast omelets and sandwiches.

La Bodega’s menu changes seasonally but features dessert croissants, charcuterie, soups, salads, burgers, and of course, Spanish-inspired desserts. They have gluten-free options.

If the menu seems intimidating, especially that wine list, don’t worry. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.

Plus, brunch in Asheville never felt so cozy and inviting. Fall in love with those beam ceilings and brick walls.

After brunch, head downstairs to the shop to stock up on your favorite meats, cheeses, wines, and olives. This is our personal version of heaven and one of our top AVL wine bars.

Nearby, grab an iced coffee to go at The Rhu, and drop into Lexington Glassworks for gorgeous blown glass creations – that you can watch them make.

Even better, grab ice cream sandwiches at Sunshine Sammies – vegan options included.

We prefer to park in the Biltmore Garage or pay lot across the street for this area.

La Bodega by Cúrate | 32 S Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

5. Haywood Common

Haywood Common is one of the best brunch places in Asheville for gluten-free diners – and it’s also one of our all-time favorites.

Great for our part-Celiac household, they have gluten-free bread and a designated gluten-free fryer (but always double-check this).

Haywood Common is also a terrific go-to spot for casual, fresh, and budget-friendly eats. We especially love their iced lattes, and the handcrafted cocktails are delicious.

For Saturday and Sunday brunch in Asheville, Haywood Common’s menu features eggs, waffles, sandwiches, yogurt with granola, and salads.

Think Thai buffalo chicken, portobello burgers, tuna or tofu poke, chicken and waffles, egg and hash platters, and avocado toast.

Haywood Common also serves lunch and dinner with menu items like poke bowls, burgers, sandwiches, and salads. For a snack, order boiled peanuts.

If it is nice outside, sit at a picnic table with friends, family, or the pooch. Haywood Common shares this seating area with The Whale, a great AVL bar with a large beer selection.

Inside Haywood Common, find cozy but limited seating, which grows busier on a chilly weekend.

They do not take reservations, and this is an order-at-the-counter and seat-yourself Asheville brunch spot.

For parking around Haywood Common and this area of West Asheville, we use the Park Mobile app.

Park at the church next door – if church isn’t in session – or around the surrounding streets. Pay attention to all posted signs.

Cell phone reception is a bit spotty – so download all parking apps in advance – although the restaurants have Wi-fi.

Haywood Common | 507 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 2880

6. Leo’s House Of Thirst

Along with La Bodega, Leo’s House of Thirst is one of the best brunch places in Asheville that serves wine and tapas. It’s also a pet-friendly space.

This wine and tapas bar sits in West Asheville, a fantastic neighborhood for shopping and drinking. While they are no longer open to the public on Sundays, Saturday brunch is always a good idea.

Unlike the other Asheville brunch places on this list, Leo’s does not have traditional brunch plates with sausage and eggs.

Instead, order meat and cheese charcuterie – gluten-free crackers are available – olives, deviled eggs, sandwiches, and usually vegan soups.

The menu is smaller but absolutely delicious. Plus, you cannot beat the ambiance.

Sit outside at a picnic table on the lawn (with heaters for fall) under the trees. Inside, find cozy tables and a small bar.

While at Leo’s, don’t miss even more stellar West Asheville restaurants, including Thai Pearl and Gypsy Queen Cuisine.

Leo’s has its own parking lot behind the building as well as street parking. Please just pay attention to all posted parking signs as some lots will tow you.

Leo’s House Of Thirst | 1055 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

7. Sunny Point Cafe

Sunny Point Cafe Breakfast West Asheville with white plate filled with avocado toast, egg, bacon, and fresh fruit like orange slice, blueberries, and strawberriesPin
Sunny Point Cafe is a favorite among locals and visitors alike for breakfast and brunch in West Asheville.

With lines around the block, Sunny Point Cafe is a classic for locals and visitors. They serve up the best brunch in Asheville that’s budget-friendly, local, and casual.

Encounter simple food with great service. Sunny Point is also a kid-friendly Asheville restaurant.

They specialize in Southern classics including chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, fried green tomatoes, and shrimp and grits.

Sunny Point Cafe also has French toast, hotcakes, avocado toast, and breakfast burritos. They offer gluten-free bread options and dole out large portions with local drinks.

Their kids’ breakfast menu features eggs with a meat choice, hotcakes, and French toast.

Sunny Point Cafe serves breakfast and lunch (they recently stopped dinner service). Eat outside on the patio or dine indoors. They do not take reservations.

We typically find street parking on State Street.

Read more about Asheville’s top breakfast spots, including local diners, casual places to grab donuts on the go, and sweet treats with your coffee.

Sunny Point Cafe | 626 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

8. Jerusalem Garden Cafe

We love Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

If these flavors call to you too, head to Jerusalem Garden Cafe, especially for Saturday and Sunday brunch in Asheville.

Enjoy a space filled with vibrant lamps and colors.

For brunch, select from omelets, Shakshuka, eggs, falafels, hummus, salads, and gyros. They also serve brunch mimosas.

For a Downtown Asheville restaurant, we appreciate the prices and location. After brunch, tour Asheville’s beer scene.

Across the street, you’ll spy Tupelo Honey, another popular breakfast and brunch place in Asheville.

We prefer to park at the Coxe Ave. garage and walk to Jerusalem Garden Cafe.

Jerusalem Garden Cafe | 78 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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9. Bold Rock (Downtown)

Who knew that one of Asheville’s famous cideries also served a fun brunch in Downtown Asheville?

Newer to Downtown – in former Collaboratory Brewing – Bold Rock hosts a Saturday and Sunday Bluegrass brunch with live music.

We always appreciate an Asheville brunch spot where you don’t always need reservations (although you can make them), and their brunch menu specializes in Southern classics.

Select from items like fried chicken with gravy biscuits, burgers, french toast casserole, apple pancakes, and nachos.

For vegan diners, Bold Rock usually has a Beyond Burger option, and find sharables including buffalo wings, fried okra, and loaded fries.

Of course, Bold Rock Downtown has brunch cocktails and cider mimosas. This is a family-friendly space. As a lactose-intolerant family, it is a bit harder for us to eat here.

Bold Rock also has a large cidery near the Asheville airport. Find a large indoor taproom and outdoor beer garden with a food truck, Bold Bites Mobile Kitchen.

Out this way, explore more Mills River breweries like Sierra Nevada.

Bold Rock Cidery | 72 School House Rd, Mills River, NC 28759
Downtown Asheville Taproom | 39 N. Lexington Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801

10. Twisted Laurel

Twisted Laurel Restaurant Weaverville North Carolina with chicken sandwich on a gluten free bun on plate with chipsPin
Twisted Laurel has a Sunday brunch menu and traditional lunch fare paired with a large local craft beer selection.

Twisted Laurel is a go-to Asheville brunch place if you are craving a local craft beer selection, cocktails, and sandwiches.

They have two locations and serve food all day.

Weaverville is Twisted Laurel’s flagship location, just 10 minutes from Asheville. Their second location is in Downtown Asheville.

We prefer the Weaverville location when we wish to escape the Downtown crowds. Weaverville has plenty of things to do including a dog park bar, lake, and shops.

Twisted Laurel features creative Mediterranean-inspired southern comfort food.

Their Sunday brunch menu showcases breakfast platters, biscuits and gravy, and all-day Bloody Marys.

Read more about Weaverville’s other great restaurants. Stoney Knob Cafe is incredible and also boasts the best brunch in Asheville.

Twisted Laurel | Downtown Asheville 130 College St, Asheville, NC 28801 | Weaverville 10A S Main St, Weaverville, NC 28787

11. Isa’s Bistro

Located in Asheville’s trendy and gorgeous downtown hotel scene, Isa’s French Bistro is a part of the Haywood Park Hotel.

You’ll recognize this picturesque French bistro in engagement and wedding photos.

If you are looking for a fancier brunch in Downtown Asheville, head to Isa’s. They have a small outdoor patio and a spacious indoor dining room.

For breakfast and brunch, Isa’s serves up a hash skillet, eggs, sausage, and French toast. Find items like lox and waffles, cinnamon buns, and yogurt parfait.

They might have French onion soup, Caesar salad, a French dip sandwich, and burgers.

Isa’s will also have a few vegan and gluten-free options, including a build-your-own breakfast sandwich.

Don’t miss that Bloody Mary or their mimosas.

Isa’s French Bistro | 1 Battery Park Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

12. Corner Kitchen

Extremely popular, Corner Kitchen serves up the best brunch in Asheville near Biltmore Estate in Historic Biltmore Village.

This is a pet and kid-friendly restaurant.

Most notably in 2022, they’ve added back brunch from 9 AM to 2 PM all week. This is especially nice after an early morning attending a Biltmore special event like Van Gogh Alive.

Uniquely, sit inside a historic home that was part of George Washington Vanderbilt’s property. Like Biltmore’s gardens, Frederic Law Olmstead designed this gorgeous neighborhood.

Brunch at Corner Kitchen features sandwiches, eggs, lox, Southern bowls, soups, and salads. Their mouthwatering cocktails and mimosas incorporate some of Asheville’s finest spirits.

Corner Kitchen’s children’s menu boasts waffles, grilled cheese, eggs, and mini-sandwiches for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

In the winter, enjoy the heated outdoor patio.

We highly suggest making advanced reservations at Corner Kitchen. Even in traditionally quieter times, you may still see people swarming to get in for a meal.

Park anywhere along the streets of Biltmore Village. It gets a little tight and congested here.

Uncover even more top Asheville restaurants near Biltmore Estate – like Apollo Flame and Juicy Lucy’s – and be sure to check out Biltmore Village’s restaurants including Well-Bred Bakery, Andaaz, and Hillman Beer.

Corner Kitchen | 3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 28803

13. Rosetta’s Kitchen

Rosettas Kitchen Vegan Food Asheville NC with blue plate filled with kale, rice, and peanut butter tofu with sauce and fork about to itPin
Looking for the best vegan brunch in Downtown Asheville? We enjoy Rosetta’s Kitchen and Buchi Bar.

Rosetta’s Kitchen is one of the best vegan and vegetarian places for brunch in Asheville. This is vegan soul food, after all.

Even if you aren’t vegan, Rosetta’s Kitchen serves up mouthwatering dishes and specializes in Kombucha.

In fact, Rosetta’s Kitchen has a Buchi bar with Kombucha cocktails and mocktails.

We crave Rosetta’s chips with vegan queso and mashed potatoes with gravy. Think vegan kimchi and peanut butter tofu. Some of their dishes are spicier than others.

Rosetta’s isn’t just an Asheville brunch place, though; find anything from small plates to vegan entrees and sandwiches.

The vegan grilled cheese, “Reuben,” and veggie burger are stellar, not to mention those buffalo cauliflower wings.

Rosetta’s Kitchen serves soups and salads, making it a great lunch spot.

Afterward, head to Rowan, one of our favorite but simple Downtown Asheville coffee shops.

Discover more great dairy-free restaurants in AVL.

Rosetta’s Kitchen | 68 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801 (new location after 20 years!)

14. 5 Points Restaurant

Five Points Restaurant Asheville Breakfast with two plates on brown table, one with three over easy eggs and grits and one with pink ham and over easy egg with toast on sidePin
If you crave those greasy diner eats, Five Points Restaurant is the perfect spot for you.

For the best brunch in Asheville – where the locals go – 5 Points is a must if you seek out casual diners and classic greasy but delicious breakfast options.

Located at the intersection of Downtown, Historic Montford, and North Asheville, enjoy a no-frills, budget-friendly, and third-generation family diner.

Serving up Greek and Italian breakfast, brunch, and lunch, encounter a never-ending bustle of hungry locals dipping in and out after the gym, meeting up with friends, or before starting the day.

The coffee keeps on coming, and select from breakfast sandwiches, omelets, eggs paired with meats, Southern grits, and corned beef hash.

Five Points serves breakfast all day – until their mid-day closing. Or, order lunch – including gyros, sandwiches, and meat and seafood dishes.

This is a family-friendly restaurant with quick and friendly service.

Although not the easiest Asheville brunch spot for food intolerances and allergies, find a gluten-free biscuit and dishes that can be modified.

Park in the lot out front – just know that it gets a bit tight if you drive a large vehicle.

5 Points Restaurant | 258 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801

15. RosaBees*

RosaBees Restaurant Asheville NC with egg and veggies over rice in white bowl on tablePin
For Sunday brunch in Asheville, RosaBees is a hidden gem, especially if you covet Polynesian cuisine.

*Brunch is temporarily suspended at RosaBees for the season, but they are hoping to start brunch service up again in 2023. We will keep you updated!

The River Arts District restaurants are delicious and sometimes overlooked. We especially enjoy them because there is plenty of parking and places to explore afterward.

RosaBees is no exception.

Although an unforgettable dinner restaurant, RosaBees is also one of the best Asheville brunch places if you devour sushi, tropical flavors, spicy meats and fish dishes, and Hawaiian cuisine.

RosaBees is also one of the most unique brunch suggestions on this list. Order a passion fruit mimosa or another one of their deliciously fruity cocktails.

Select from fresh appetizers before ordering poke, eggs, french toast, scallops, and sandwiches. Filipino lumpia and Japanese pancakes included.

Find vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Afterward, tour the artists’ studios, street art, shops, and breweries in Asheville’s River Arts District.

The new Marquee – a European-style home decor and art market – is a must. Catch an indie film at The Grail Moviehouse.

RosaBees | 27 Foundy St #20, Asheville, NC 28801

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Best Asheville Brunch Places Pinterest Pin with bowl of over easy egg, waffle fries, and peppersPin
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Where To Stay In Asheville

Explore the best places to stay in Asheville. A few of our top suggestions:

  • Aloft – Downtown Asheville – Centrally located and recently renovated, enjoy a rooftop pool, a gorgeous bar, and trendy rooms.
  • The Omni Grove Park Inn – Treat yourself to a luxury resort in North Asheville, complete with breathtaking sunsets, terrace bars and dining, and loads of Asheville history.
  • Hampton Inn And Suites Asheville Biltmore Area – A budget-friendly but renovated hotel on busier Brevard Road that’s perfect if you wish to stay between Biltmore Estate, Downtown Asheville, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Asheville Cottages – Gorgeous 1 to 3-bedroom cottages with a private deck, housing a grill and hot tub. Find luxurious heated-floor bathrooms with rain showers, a well-stocked kitchen, and the cleanest rooms in town.
  • Foundry Hotel – An oasis in Downtown Asheville, Foundry Hotel is a nod to AVL’s industrial history. Find famous restaurant Benne on Eagle while sleeping ensconced in charm and elegance.
  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Asheville Westgate, NC – Located off of the highway as you enter AVL, find a sleek and clean hotel at a great price. 
  • Black Walnut B&B Inn – Designed by Biltmore’s supervising architect, Richard Sharp-Smith, this 1899 inn is close to Downtown AVL and serves afternoon tea. Two rooms are pet-friendly.

Don’t miss out on these Asheville properties on, too.

Where do you love to get Sunday brunch in Asheville?

If we had to pick the four best places for brunch in Asheville as locals, we’d go with Social Lounge, ELDR, Haywood Common, and La Bodega.

For breakfast in Asheville, we also recommend checking out All Day Darling and Pulp & Sprout, which sit on our best breakfast restaurants list.

For food trucks with breakfast and brunch, try newer Guajiro – delicious Cuban cuisine.

We’d love to know what brunch places in Asheville you personally love too. Please let us know in the comments.

Read more about takeout in Asheville here.

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Saturday 1st of October 2022

For a twist on usual brunch fare, Ukiah now serves brunch as well. Yummy.


Sunday 2nd of October 2022

Yes, they do! We love Ukiah. Thanks for sharing!

Donna Wenner

Thursday 4th of November 2021

Corner Kitchen and Chestnut are our favorites!


Thursday 4th of November 2021

Love Chestnut's ambiance and cocktails!