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About Uncorked Asheville

Welcome to Uncorked Asheville, an Asheville, North Carolina travel blog run by an AVL resident. Get up close and personal with this mountain-hugged city to experience Asheville like a local.

Everyone Needs To Uncork And Unwind In The Mountains

Did you know that George Vanderbilt helped put Asheville on the map when he created Biltmore?  As a world-class traveler with family residences in NYC, Newport, and Paris, why did George choose North Carolina, of all places, for the construction of America’s largest home?

I am telling you: it’s all about that mountain oasis.  Gorgeous misty blue mountains envelop Asheville into a cozy blanket of sprawling vistas, endless hiking, cascading waterfalls, and all of the vegan food you could ever want. 

Asheville fills your soul with culture and music and your tummy with craft beer.

Over the years, Asheville has grown into a thriving hub for tourists, established residents, and newbies flocking to the scene. There is so much to see and do.

Where do you start?

Where Should You Start On Uncorked Asheville?

If you are a new resident, potential relocator, or enthusiastic visitor and want to experience Asheville, North Carolina like a local, you are in the right place. Here are the top 6 places to start on Uncorked Asheville.

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Who Is This Tipsy Hostess?

Christine of Uncorked Asheville brunette white woman in a gray dress with a scarf with a cocktail in her hand
Meet Christine, also owner of The Uncorked Librarian LLC. A New England native, Christine is a rogue librarian and boozy small business owner.

Hi, I Am Christine

My husband and I visited Asheville on a whim.  Originally from Connecticut, our Florida home began to suffocate us. Where were the seasons? Where were the hills? Where was the *good* wine?

We needed a change.  Fall runs in my blood—ok, well maybe fall beer does, too.

During that fateful weekend visit, we instantly knew the boozy gods designed Asheville just for us. Was it the champagne bookstore? The Hunger Games waterfalls? Breweries on every corner? Or, those beautiful blue and green-hued mountains? 

Within two months, we moved into our Asheville home.  Our days are filled with hiking, purple sunsets, and delicious local food. We have never looked back.

Meet Christine Uncorked Asheville
When not behind my computer screen or with my pointy Italian nose in a good book, you can find me on the Asheville hiking trails.

A Few UnQuirked Facts:

  • I am a rogue librarian, literacy nonprofit board member, Smithie, & U.S. Fulbrighter.
  • I traded in my MLIS and English/History double major to start my own business, The Uncorked Librarian LLC.
  • The way to my heart is through an oaked Chardonnay. I also love a good Old Fashioned.
  • Libraries, bookstores, and breweries cannot hide from me.
  • My children have 8 furry ears in total.
  • I daydream about retiring in Italy. Iceland is one of my favorite vacation spots. I also lived in Depok, Indonesia for a year.

Join me as I explore Asheville like a local and share what I love to make your visit just as special as our first weekend in this beautiful and cultured city.

A few places where you can find me online:

Uncorked Asheville Instagram
The Uncorked Librarian Instagram
Email: hello [at] uncorkedashevile [dot] com

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Does My Big Nose Look Familiar?

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