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7 Terrific Asheville BBQ Joints You Don’t Want To Miss

Where can you order delicious Asheville BBQ? As locals, don’t miss our favorite BBQ restaurants in Asheville for dine-in and takeout.

This is the South, and of course, nothing beats Southern comfort food. Cornbread, hush puppies, BBQ, baked beans, and deep-fried Oreos. Sign us up!

There is nothing better than pulled pork sandwiches, Mac & Cheese, a rack of ribs, and a side of coleslaw or potato salad. Show us the kielbasa with some craft beer.

A controversial question with contentious answers: Where can you find the best BBQ in Asheville, NC? What are the top Asheville BBQ restaurants for both takeout and dine-in?

As AVL locals, we’ll share where to get delicious barbecue in Asheville and a few tips and tricks, too. Unfasten that top pant button. Let’s get started!

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Best Asheville BBQ Restaurants NC with pulled pork, hushpuppies, fried okra, and beans from Luella's Bar-B-Que
Are you ready for some delicious Asheville BBQ piled with Southern sides?

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7 Delicious Asheville BBQ Joints

1. Luella’s Bar-B-Que

North Asheville: 501 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville, NC 28804; (828) 505-7427
South Asheville: 33 Town Square Blvd., Biltmore Park, Asheville, NC 28803; (828) 676-3855

Luellas BBQ Asheville NC with with pulled pork, hushpuppies, fried okra, and beans
Grab a heaping plate of Luella’s Bar-B-Que in North Asheville. Check out those hushpuppies, pulled pork, and fried okra.

Imagine ordering giant platters of barbecue that will last you for days. We just love Luella’s North Asheville BBQ restaurant.

Grandma Lue is Luella’s namesake. This BBQ joint is not only committed to serving delicious food but also gives back to the AVL community.

We enjoy sitting outside with plates full of ribs and pulled pork. Their sandwiches come with a heaping 1/4-pound of meat. You can also skip the bread to order a platter.

Luella’s has tempeh as well as gluten-free BBQ options. See where else you can find vegan & veggie options around Asheville here.

Don’t miss The Hop Ice Cream Cafe — North Asheville location — for dessert. Think vegan & regular ice cream, floats, shakes, and treats. You can also walk off your meal at nearby Beaver Lake.

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2. Buxton Hall Barbecue

32 Banks Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 232-7216

One of the most famous BBQ joints in Asheville, Buxton Hall sits across from Catawba Brewing in South Slope. Hello, perfection.

Buxton Hall is part of the Chai Pani Restaurant Family. Think South Asian street food at Chai Pani. Buxton Hall specializes in all-wood, whole-hog Asheville BBQ.

Along with delicious barbecue like a pulled pork plate, you can order collard greens, burgers, fried chicken, and BBQ hash.

Buxton Hall Barbecue is full of history. Located in the old Standard Paper Sales Company building, back in the 1930s, the building housed a roller skating rink and old boat showroom.

Looking for even more spicy food? Don’t miss the best Asheville Indian Food Restaurants. Chai Pani is on the list.

3. Big South Kitchen

131 Glenn Bridge Rd, Arden, NC 28704 (Takeout Only)
(844) 275-3663

Big South Kitchen BBQ Asheville Pulled Pork Sandwich with baked beans on blue plate
Big South Kitchen invited us out for a Behind-The-Scenes kitchen tour and meals on the house. I am so glad that they did. They are one of our favorite BBQ spots near Asheville.

One of our all-time best spots for BBQ in Asheville, don’t skip Big South Kitchen. OK; OK… Technically, Big South Kitchen resides in an Asheville suburb, but they are coming to Asheville’s downtown area soon.

Serving up barbecue takeout, Big South Kitchen cooks up stellar ribs, pulled pork, wings, and brisket. Did I mention deep-fried Oreos?! Get the Oreos…

Choose from plentiful Southern-inspired sides like steaming beans, Texas toast, and house-made BBQ chips along with endless sauces all for a great price.

Craving something different with a little more pepper? You might want to order some AVL Thai Food.

4. 12 Bones Smokehouse

River: 5 Foundy St. Ste 10, Asheville, NC 28801; (828) 253-4499
South: 2350 Hendersonville Rd, Arden, NC 28704; (828) 687-1395

12 Bones Smokehouse BBQ Asheville Pulled Pork Platter with corn bread, slaw, baked beans, and blueberry beer in plastic cup
One of the most popular spots for BBQ in Asheville, eat like a former U.S. President. We love 12 Bones’ River Arts District location. You can visit pleb urban winery, Wedge Brewing, or Bottle Riot afterward.

Want to dine like a former U.S. President? It’s no secret that on their 2008 trip to Asheville, the Obama family hiked Craven Gap along the Blue Ridge Parkway and ate at 12 Bones Smokehouse.

In fact, their picture is on the wall with 12 Bones staff. We read on Today that Barack Obama ordered barbecue ribs with blueberry chipotle BBQ sauce.

12 Bones Smokehouse slow smokes their meat over hardwoods and cooks old family favorites as well as new flavors.

Get in line, choose from a delicious platter or sandwich, and don’t forget the draft beer. Stop by the sauce station, too.

Grab a seat on their numerous outdoor patios surrounded by RAD’s most vibrant street murals. Or, eat inside and read all of the funny and sweet wall inscriptions.

At the 12 Bones South location (Arden), you’ll also find their brewery and taproom. For many visitors, 12 Bones Smokehouse is their number one BBQ restaurant in Asheville.

We highly recommend 12 Bones for lunch in Asheville followed by mural spying in RAD and drinks at our favorite Asheville wine bar, Bottle Riot.

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5. Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ

135 Coxe Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 505-7088

Bear's Smokehouse Asheville NC permanent food truck in parking lot with restaurant behind it
Nothing beats a little Asheville BBQ after a day of brewery hopping. Grab a picnic table and dig in!

We are CT natives, and we actually have a Bear’s Smokehouse near our hometown. Small world; big BBQ?

Bear’s Smokehouse has a permanent BBQ food truck on Coxe Ave, which is also home to the motherload of AVL beer. You’ll be close to Chemist Distillery, too.

For Asheville BBQ takeout, Bear’s Smokehouse does a fabulous job.

Bear's Smokehouse BBQ Asheville Takeout with half rack ribs and baked potato
Another one of our top picks for BBQ in Asheville, Bear’s Smokehouse has delicious ribs. Our cats would most definitely agree.

If a regular-sized sandwich is too small for you, you can upgrade to a “Bear Sized” beast. Don’t tell our resident AVL black bears, though…

Bear’s Smokehouse mixes delicious meats into their black beans. If spicy isn’t your jam, just order your meat sans sauce.

Their sauces and rubs are gluten-free (but always double-check). See where else you can eat GF in Asheville here.

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Best BBQ Asheville NC Pinterest Pin with pulled pork, hushpuppies, fried okra, and beans from Luella's Bar-B-Que
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6. Moe’s Original BBQ

4 Sweeten Creek Rd. Asheville, NC 28803 | (828) 505-8282
114 N Main St, Hendersonville, NC 28792 | (828) 595-9200

Moe's Original BBQ with white brunette male wearing a NY Yankees hat eating smoked chicken from a basket with sides like baked beans and potato salad
We love Moe’s BBQ, even if it is a chain BBQ restaurant in Asheville. This picture is from their Hendersonville location.

For *amazing* chain restaurant BBQ in Asheville, Moe’s is where it is at. Unique to Moe’s Original BBQ, find Alabama-style pulled pork and in-house smoked meats. Order a local brew, too.

Located near Biltmore Village in Asheville and with an outdoor patio, try their pulled pork, ribs, turkey, and chicken. Of course, they have those infamous Southern sides and sauces, too.

We love Moe’s BBQ baked beans and potato salad. They also have allergy-friendly menus ready to go for gluten-free, vegan/veggie, and lactose-free diners.

We enjoy Moe’s Original BBQ Hendersonville restaurant, especially since Hendersonville has a plethora of fun things to do.

7. Carolina Ace BBQ

Rotating WNC BBQ Food Truck: Grab Their Schedule On Facebook

Carolina Ace Catering with picture of pulled pork BBQ fries, pulled pork sandwich, and baked beans on metal plate
Looking for food truck BBQ near Asheville? We have just the spot for you…

OK, we might be cheating on this one, but you cannot miss the best BBQ food truck near Asheville: Carolina Ace Catering.

We found them at Guidon Brewing in Hendersonville. P.S. Hendersonville has stellar breweries with food trucks, tons of outdoor space, our favorite brews, and a few newer gorgeous taprooms.

We weren’t even supposed to be eating dinner out. However, we could not resist Carolina Ace Catering’s BBQ menu filled with delicious pulled pork fries and sandwiches.

The ribs sucked us in, and they also have meatloaf, chicken, and brisket. We don’t like to pick Asheville BBQ joint favorites, but they are up there!

A few more spots for BBQ in and near Asheville include:

Haywood Smokehouse
Little Pigs Bar-B-Q
Black Bear BBQ.

Are you ready to fill up on Asheville BBQ?

Where do you love to go for BBQ in Asheville? What is the best city, ever, for barbecue? Best state?

Plus, what do you like to order? Do you have a go-to meal? Let us know in the comments!

Christine is all about that pulled pork. Tom almost always orders gluten-free ribs.

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Saturday 3rd of April 2021

12 Bones was like #1 on Andrew's Asheville list and it did NOT disappoint! I think we got a tub of mac and cheese for the road!! Next time we're back, we'll have to try the others!


Monday 5th of April 2021

Andrew wanted to dine like a former President! Haha. I wish that I could eat Mac and Cheese. In Tampa, there was this delicious BBQ place that had vegan sides like Mac & Cheese. I about died.