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8 Delicious Restaurants For Indian Food In Asheville

Where can you order delicious Indian food in Asheville? As locals, don’t miss the best Indian restaurants in Asheville for dine-in and takeout.

One of the reasons that we love living in Asheville, NC is because of all of the delicious food options. Asheville is filled with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and food trucks.

In fact, Asheville is nicknamed “Foodtopia.” We are not sure that we’ll ever be able to eat or taste it all, but still, we try.

We especially love Asheville’s Indian restaurants. Nothing warms up your insides like delicious curries, okra fries, chickpeas, and spiced meats.

So, where can you order such savory Indian food in Asheville? How about Indian street food or fine dining? And, what are the best Indian restaurants in Asheville for dine-in and takeout?

Below, we are sharing just a few of the best Indian restaurants in Asheville, including downtown, Biltmore Village, and South AVL. One is pretty gosh darn famous too…

Please keep in mind that ‘best’ is subjective, and we’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments. Let’s get started!

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Indian Food Asheville Restaurants with picture of Indian curries, stews, meats, dal, tandoori, white rice
Hungry? Don’t miss our Asheville Indian Restaurants Guide — as locals.

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8 Best Restaurants For Indian Food In Asheville

1. Chai Pani

If you are looking for Indian street snacks, don’t miss Chai Pani. Chai Pani is one of the best places for Indian food in Asheville, NC.

In fact, Chai Pani is famous! Chai Pani has been featured in The New York TimesGQ Magazine, and New York Magazine — and for good reason.

Personally, we love Chai Pani’s okra fries, chicken pakoras, and simple rice and daal plate. Chai Pani has vegan and gluten-intolerance-friendly options, too.

Chai Pani | 22 Battery Park Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801 | (828) 254-4003

2. Andaaz

Andaaz Fine Dining Indian Restaurant Asheville NC with sizzling skillet of beef and peppers
Located in Biltmore Village, Andaaz is one of Asheville’s newest fine dining Indian restaurants.

One of the most talked-about new Indian restaurants in Asheville, Andaaz Indian Fine Dining Restaurant is perfect if you are looking for spicer fine dining dinner options.

Andaaz is also an Uncorked Asheville readers’ favorite choice — we receive tons of messages from subscribers and followers telling us how much they love the food here.

Located in Biltmore Village, you’ll love their gorgeous and colorful decor and large bar. The food is incredibly spicy and delicious — with plentiful portions. We had leftovers for days.

For lunch and dinner, Andaaz offers an Indian food buffet. At dinner, you can order a la carte. We highly suggest making advanced dinner reservations here.

Andaaz also has a stellar cocktail list — Indian spice included — and is a gluten-free and vegan-friendly restaurant.

Please keep in mind that this area grows a tad congested, especially at dinnertime and rush hour. Andaaz has a small parking lot, and there is nearby parking throughout Biltmore Village.

Andaaz Asheville | 28 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803 | (828) 552-3200

3. Mela

Mela Asheville Indian food takeout containers with white rice, silverware, daal, tandoori chicken, and chicken tikka masala
Mela is our personal favorite go-to for Indian food in Asheville. We love to order takeout tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, naan, and extra rice.

One of our favorite Asheville Indian restaurants, Mela serves large portions of rich spicy goodness inspired by both North and South Indian cuisine.

Mela boasts of fresh and local ingredients (where possible) and has gluten-free and vegan Asheville Indian food options.

We love their tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and lamb Chettinad. For us, Mela is one of the absolute best places to get Indian food in Asheville. Their convenient downtown location helps!

Afterward, enjoy downtown Asheville’s rooftop bars or dessert shops.

Mela Asheville | 70 North Lexington Ave., Asheville, NC 28801 | (828) 225-8880

Save These Asheville Indian Restaurants For Later

Best Indian Restaurants in Asheville NC Pinterest Pin with beef skillet and peppers from Andaaz in Biltmore Village
Headed to WNC? Or, not quite hungry yet? Save our favorite Asheville Indian restaurants for later and eat like a local with Uncorked Asheville.

4. India Garden Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic Indian food in Asheville, India Garden on Tunnel Road promises fresh food prepared daily.

Indian Garden offers a large menu of traditional Indian cuisine with protein options for lamb, shrimp, salmon, or chicken. India Garden also caters.

India Garden Restaurant | 80 South Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC 28805 | (828) 298 – 5001

5. Cinnamon Kitchen Indian Cuisine

For South Asheville Indian restaurants, Cinnamon Kitchen has a large menu with unique selections. Find pakoras, curries, tandoori dishes, lamb, scallops, and salmon.

Cinnamon Kitchen | 1838 Hendersonville Road, Suite 103, Asheville, NC 28803 | (828) 575-2100

6. Biryani Express

One of the newer Pakistani and Indian restaurants in Asheville, Biryani Express has some of our favorite dishes like aloo gobi and aloo mutter.

Full disclosure that we haven’t been inside for dine-in, but we have ordered tummy-warming takeout. These guys make for a great weekend takeout lunch option in Asheville.

Biryani Express | 129 Bleachery Blvd, Asheville, NC 28805 | (828) 424-7322

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Asian Fusion Restaurants Serving Indian Food In Asheville

7. Kathmandu Cafe

Kathmandu is one of the Indian food restaurants in Asheville on our bucket list. They offer Nepalese, Indian, and Tibetan cuisine.

Their signature drinks and dishes include matar paneer, Nepali thali, and jaljeera.

Kathmandu Cafe | 90 Patton Ave., Asheville, NC 28801 | (828) 252-1080

8. Blue Dream Curry House

Blue Dream Curry pairs delicious Indian food with international Asian cuisine, including Asian fusion dishes inspired by Thai, Korean, and Filipino flavors.

Find curry, naan tacos, yummy soups, and bowls. Blue Dream Curry also serves local beers and craft cocktails.

Blue Dream Curry House | 81 Patton Ave., Asheville, NC 28801 | (828) 258-2500

Delivery Services For Indian Restaurants In Asheville, NC

Andaaz Indian Food Asheville with bowl full of spicy lentils and garnish
Craving Chana Masala from Andaaz but exhausted? Order takeout or delivery.

Looking for delivery options for your Asheville Indian food cravings? These are the two apps that we use the most:

Takeout Central

North Carolina has its own local takeout app and delivery service, Takeout Central. Download the free app to your device, and you’ll see all of the areas and restaurants they serve, including Asheville.

Like other food apps, place your order in the app, write notes to the kitchen, and add a payment method. You can also leave special instructions for the driver.


Along with Takeout Central, we also use GrubHub. Sometimes they have slightly different menus — even though the restaurant is the same — and/or they service different Asheville Indian food restaurants.

You can also use Uber Eats, Kickback AVL, and DoorDash, but we mostly rely on Takeout Central and GrubHub for our Asheville food delivery options.

Are you ready to tour the Asheville Indian restaurants?

What Indian food restaurants in Asheville have you tried? Is there a restaurant that you love ordering takeout from? Let us know in the comments!

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