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25 Delicious & Best Breweries in Asheville, NC From Locals

With so many breweries in Asheville, NC, how do you choose which ones to visit? As locals, we’ll share the best Asheville breweries for location, flavor, and ambiance.

The Asheville breweries have a little bit of something for everyone.

Do you want to sit by the French Broad River with a Saison on a gorgeous day? What about specialty gluten-free ginger beer in a variety of spiced-up flavors?

If you crave those experimental oddball brews, we have just the Asheville brewery for you. Not to mention the breweries ensconced in street art, hidden in basements, and ones known across the world.

And, how about those delicious Asheville brewpubs? You most certainly need lunch, pizza, and snacks with all of that local Asheville beer.

So, with the plethora of breweries in Asheville, North Carolina how do you choose?

We’ll share our top downtown Asheville breweries — most popular and quieter. Then, we’ll break down the best breweries in Asheville by neighborhood.

Please remember that ‘best’ is always subjective. We drink a lot of beer, and when we aren’t hiking, we are most likely sipping on a craft brew.

We won’t mention every single brewery in Asheville either, but we’ll give you quite a few to choose from. We’ll also share guides for the best breweries near Asheville — think Hendersonville, Brevard, and Black Mountain.

It’s time to chat Wicked Weed, Twin Leaf, Catawba, Green Man, Burial, Zillicoah, Hillman Beer, and so much more. Let’s get started!

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Best Breweries In Asheville NC and Downtown Asheville Breweries with beer flight
Welcome to our Asheville Beer Guide. What are the best breweries in Asheville, NC? We’ll break down the AVL beer scene for you. See which Asheville breweries we love as locals. Then, we’ll share the most popular destination breweries in and around downtown Asheville. Lastly, we’ll talk about the massive AVL breweries and a few lesser-known ones.

This post may contain affiliate links for products and services we recommend. If you make a purchase through these links, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission. Read the full disclosure here.

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Best Breweries In Asheville – From Locals

Some of the best breweries in Asheville are the well-known ones along with a few that are less frequented by tourists. Honestly, it’s pretty hard to pick our favorites since we truly enjoy them all.

However, if we had to share the Asheville breweries that we pick first to visit on a weekday, it would be these:

Zillicoah Beer Company

Address: 870 Riverside Drive; Woodfin, NC 28804
Phone Number: 828-424-7929

Zillicoah Beer Company Asheville NC with amber beer on picnic table outside
Out of all of the breweries in Asheville and Woodfin, Zillicoah is our absolute favorite as locals. Enjoy a beer next to the French Broad River as the sun sets over the mountains.
Taqueria Munoz Food Truck at Zillicoah Beer Company with three soft tacos on a plate garnished with lime and cilantro
We love Zillicoah’s permanent Mexican food truck, Taqueria Munoz. We always recommend getting a burrito or tacos. They have gluten-free and lactose-free food and drink options.

Zillicoah is our go-to Asheville brewery as locals. Technically, Zillicoah is in Woodfin, which is basically the intersection of North and West Asheville.

They also have a delicious resident Mexican food truck that lives on-site, Taqueria Munoz. Tacos, burritos, and beer? Heck, yes!

Zillicoah Beer Company sits along the scenic French Broad River. You can find both covered and uncovered picnic tables alongside the brewery and river. It’s scenic AF.

Out of all of the breweries in Asheville, this one is the most relaxing. Because Zillicoah is farther away from downtown (about 10-15-minutes), it stays quieter on the weekdays with a busy local weekend vibe.

Lately, they’ve been brewing more seasonals and sours. We love it when they offer a smokey concoction. You can also grab lighter beers, ciders, and wine.

This AVL brewery is dog-friendly, especially with endless acres of land to romp around on.

Don’t miss even more great taco shops and food trucks in Asheville.

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Asheville Brewing Company

North Asheville: 675 Merrimon Avenue; Asheville, NC 28804; 828-254-1281
Downtown: 77 Coxe Avenue; Asheville, NC 28801; 828-255-4077
South Asheville: 1850 Hendersonville Road Suite A; Asheville, NC 28803; 828-277-5775

One of our favorite breweries in Asheville for pizza, don’t miss Asheville Brewing Company. This is also one of the best kid-friendly breweries in Asheville.

There are multiple Asheville Brewing locations including Coxe Ave. in downtown Asheville, Merrimon Ave. in North Asheville, and Hendersonville Road in South Asheville.

The Merrimon Ave. location also has a movie theater and a small arcade. The Hop Ice Cream Cafe is nearby…

We love Asheville Pizza and Brewing for their pizza and beer. They also offer a gluten-free crust and vegan cheese. Plus, you can grab the best bar food like burgers and tater tots.

For Asheville beers, we love their darker brews with chocolate and coconut. Asheville Brewing usually has a local cider on tap. The Coxe Ave. location has a wings mural with hops, perfect for picture-taking.

Twin Leaf Brewery

Address: 144 Coxe Avenue Asheville, NC 28801
Phone Number: 828-774-5000

Twin Leaf Brewery Downtown Asheville with picture of taproom
One of the best breweries in Asheville, NC, don’t skip Twin Leaf over some of the more popular names. We love these guys, and their taproom is like sitting in a giant greenhouse. Plus, Green Man, Funkatorium, Chemist (distillery), and Urban Orchard (cidery) are all close by.

For downtown Asheville breweries, we enjoy Twin Leaf Brewery. Although busy, we feel like many tourists skip over this AVL brewery opting for Wicked Weed and its nearby Funkatorium.

Personally, we love Twin Leaf beer and feel like we are sitting in a greenhouse.

We are not going to lie, we are a little more biased on our beer selections because we don’t usually drink IPAs. Gasp; we know.

You will see that reflected in our beer recs. We will get trolled. It is what it is.

Twin Leaf, to us, is IPA-heavier — which is fantastic for you IPA-lovers. We usually order a Pilsner or Stout. We appreciate their attitude, ambiance, and vibes.

If you are beer-hopping across Asheville, the Funkatorium, Catawba, Green Man, Asheville Brewing (Coxe Ave.), and Hi-Wire South Slope are all nearby. Plus, don’t miss Bear’s or Buxton Hall, two of Asheville’s famous BBQ joints.

Save The Best Breweries In Asheville For Later

Best Breweries In Asheville NC and downtown Asheville NC Breweries Pinterest pin with mural from Ginger's Revenge
Looking for a local’s guide to the best breweries in Asheville? Save this post for later, and never be thirsty on your Asheville vacation again.

Catawba Brewing Co.

South Slope: 32 Banks Ave; Asheville, NC 28801; 828-552-3934
Biltmore Village: 63 Brook St.; Asheville, NC 28803; 828-424-7290

Catawba Brewing Co. Downtown Asheville NC with two white brunette men and one female drinking beer at table
Catawba Brewing is warehouse chic. Like the River Arts District, Catawba is one of the Asheville breweries surrounded by vibrant street art. You won’t be bored — or thirsty — around this area.

One of the most popular breweries in Asheville, Catawba Brewing Co. won’t disappoint. We love the chic warehouse feel with hanging chandeliers at their South Slope location. Find food trucks, too.

Catawba Brewing also has a taproom at Asheville’s Historic Biltmore Village, a fantastic area for Asheville breweries and delicious lunch spots.

Head to Biltmore Village for lunch at The Cantina. Then, beer hop to Catawba, Hillman Beer, and French Broad River Brewing.

What’s not to love about Catawba? They make delicious white ales and play with flavors like orange, pumpkin, coffee, coconut, peach, and lime.

Of course, find Stouts, IPAs, Porters, Browns, Ambers, Sours, Saisons, and even Cream Ales. We pretty much always order a beer flight here because we can just never pick one beer.

Hi-Wire Brewing

Big Top: 2A Huntsman Pl; Asheville, NC; 828-738-2451
South Slope: 197 Hilliard Ave; Asheville, NC; 828-738-2452

Hi Wire Brewing South Slope Asheville NC with brunette white male and female taking a selfie and holding beer
For South Slope Asheville breweries, Hi-Wire is iconic with its rainbow mural out front. Because we love Lagers and the occasional mild Sour, Hi-Wire is one of our favorites.

We might also be a little biased toward the downtown Asheville breweries around South Slope…which we are realizing as we write this.

Hi-Wire has breweries across North Carolina, including Durham and Wilmington. They also have a Knoxville location — a great day trip from Asheville.

In Asheville, find Hi-Wire Brewing at South Slope and Big Top/Biltmore Village. The Biltmore Village location is a little wild with traffic and congestion, though.

We love Hi-Wire’s South Slope taproom for its rainbow murals and ideal location for a day of beer-hopping. Hi-Wire is great for Lagers and Sour beers.

They usually have a Brown Ale and IPA or two, too. Don’t miss some of the Pack library archive pictures in the restrooms at South Slope that feature interesting Asheville history.

Next door, Ben’s Tune Up is a must, complete with a sake bar and beer garden. There’s nothing else like it in all of Asheville.

All Sevens Brewing (777)

Address: 777 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806
Phone Number: (828) 225-9782

All Sevens Brewing Asheville NC with white  brunette male in blue t-shirt with 5 flight glasses filled with various amber and blonde beers
Don’t miss All Sevens Brewing in West Asheville.

One of our personal favorite breweries in West Asheville, All Sevens Brewing has all of the beers that we crave: Amber, Hefe, Kolsch, Nut Brown, ESB, Helles, and Blonde.

All Sevens Brewing is a part of the Westville Pub — think food and Asheville brewpub. 777 is one of the smaller breweries in Asheville. Their beers come straight from the brite tanks.

This area is perfect if you want to say ‘hello’ to Gus Cutty’s RuPaul and Dolly Parton mural, grab vegan cheese from the West Village Market, or enjoy a quirky dinner at Jargon.

Don’t miss one of our favorite Thai food restaurants, Thai Pearl. Plus, The Whale Beer Collective –for beer fanatics — is over here.

The Whale has one of the most extensive beer, wine, cider, and mead menus for AVL bars. Attached to Haywood Common, grab healthy bites and sit on the patio.

Most Well-Known & Popular Breweries In Asheville, NC

We’ve shared favorite Asheville breweries as locals, but we also always get asked what are the most popular and best breweries in Asheville that tourists (and sometimes locals) love.

Below are what many consider to be downtown Asheville brewery musts, although remember that all of the Asheville breweries on this list are great for different reasons.

Green Man Brewery

Address: 27 Buxton Ave.; Asheville, NC 28801
Phone Number: 828-252-5502

Green Man Brewing In Asheville NC with mural of green man logo and white brunette male looking over railing
For one of the biggest breweries in Asheville, don’t pass up Green Man. Find three levels of beer heaven — a Zen rock garden and rooftop bar included. You can also head to Dirty Jack’s, which is right next door.

Green Man is one of North Carolina’s and Asheville’s original breweries, popping up in 1997. Their massive main location is three stories high with multiple bars, rooftop seating, a zen garden, and views of their brewing process.

Dirty Jack’s is located right next door, which is an equally fun bar.

We prefer Green Man’s Lagers, but you can also grab IPAs, Ambers, ESBs, Porters, and Sours while stocking up on their endless schwag.

Green Man has a modern and sleek taproom along with the iconic Green Man logo that guards all brews.

In many cultures, the Green Man is a symbol of rebirth, and it’s fair to say that Asheville has grown into quite the destination.

Wicked Weed Brewing

Downtown Brewpub: 91 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, NC 28801; 828-575-9599
Funkatorium: 147 Coxe Ave., Asheville, NC 28801; 828-552-3203
Wicked Weed West: 145 Jacob Holm Way, Candler, NC 28715; 828-365-7166

Wicked Weed Brewing Brewpub Asheville NC with glass of foamy stout in front of outside area taproom
One of the most popular and well-known breweries in Asheville, Wicked Weed is a must. Don’t miss their Funkatorium, too, which boasts of the East Coast’s first sour beer dedicated taproom.
Wicked Weed Brewpub grinder filled with chicken salad and side of fries
Wicked Weed’s Brewpub has an extensive food menu. Definitely consider going for lunch and then hopping around to Asheville breweries like Bhramari and Green Man afterward.

We are pretty sure that Wicked Weed is one of the most popular and sought out breweries in Asheville, NC. We love them, but as locals, we also stay away during peak seasons.

Wicked Weed gets packed — and rightfully so. Plus, they are one of the best Asheville brewpubs.

With cozy indoor seating — we usually squeeze in at the bar — and an outdoor, dog-friendly patio with firepits that overlook bustling Asheville, Wicked Weed Brewing is an Asheville hot spot.

You can grab a full menu of food, including sandwiches, burgers, and heavier entrees like salmon and steak. Of course, you can snack on a pretzel or hummus while trying one of their foamy beers.

The drink selection at Wicked Weed is impressive with cocktails, red and white wine, ciders, and Asheville beer, beer, beer.

We are always a fan of their fall seasonal brews. Like Catawba Brewing, Wicked Weed loves to play with flavors, including lavender, cherries, chocolate, and chai. They’ll also have the hops.

Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium

Closer to Twin Leaf and Chemist Distillery in the South Slope, if you love sour beers, you’ll want to head to the Funkatorium – owned by Wicked Weed. This is the East Coast’s first sour beer dedicated taproom.

The Funkatorium has an outdoor Biergarten to enjoy Rosé and sours on tap. Find a bunch of flavors to zap your taste buds with including elderflower, raspberries, grapefruit, tropical fruit, vanilla, and cherries.

You can also taste a few of these sours at Wicked Weed.

For even more nearby distilleries like Chemist, don’t miss Cultivated Cocktails and Dalton.

Burial Beer Company

Address: 40 Collier Ave.; Asheville, NC 28801
Phone Number: 828-475-2739

Lager at Burial Brewing Co Asheville with Sloth and Tom Selleck mural
Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to Sloth and Tom Selleck at Burial Beer Company.

Like Hi-Wire, Burial Beer Company has breweries across North Carolina, including South Slope in Asheville and Raleigh.

They also run the Forestry Camp Bar and Restaurant, which highlights locally sourced Appalachian cuisine.

True to their namesake, Burial beers have pretty spooky and ominous names like ‘A Guillotine of Contemplation’ and ‘The Shattered Remains of Nothingness.’

Here, you can grab food and an Imperial Stout, Barrel-Aged Sour, or India Pale Ale.

Bhramari Brewing Company

Address: 101 S. Lexington Ave.; Asheville, NC 28801
Phone Number: 828.214.7981

Bhramari Brewing Company glass of light brown beer
Out of all of the downtown breweries in Asheville, Bhramari has the wildest flavors. We love their indoor beehive light fixtures.

Before we moved to AVL, Bhramari was one of the first breweries in Asheville, NC that we ever visited. Why? Because we heard that they made the wildest beer concoctions.

And YES, they most definitely lived up to this reputation.

With beehive-like Edison lights and what we can only describe as tree-discs stuck to the walls, Bhramari feels a little smaller than all of the breweries in Asheville but packs a whole lot of heart.

You can dine on weekly food specials as well as burgers, pizza, peanuts, and/or nachos while sipping on one of their experimental beers.

They usually play with a few Goses, add some magic to India Pale Ales, fruit up some Berliner Weisses, and add something rich to their Stouts.

The beers change often, and you’ll want to try as many as possible. If traditional beers are your jam, though, we are not sure you will fully appreciate this beer selection.

Highland Brewing

Address: 12 Old Charlotte Highway, Suite 200; Asheville, North Carolina 28803; 828-299-3370
S&W Market Location: 56 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Highland Brewing Asheville NC with flight of blonde, stout, and amber beers, on a bar in front of Highland Brewing sign
Don’t miss Highland Brewing at the new S&W Market in downtown Asheville, NC. While there is a first-floor bar conveniently located at the door, head to the second floor for more of their beer selections.

Highland Brewing started a little before Green Man in 1994. Highland offers year-round brews as well as small-batch rotating flavors.

Find a little bit of everything with White, Wheat, Pilsner, IPA, Red Ale, and Stout beers. We highly suggest a flight.

New for 2021, Highland Brewing also has upper and lower level bars at the new S&W Market. Along with your beer, you can munch on tacos, fried chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs.

A Notable Asheville Brewery Mention:

Biltmore Brewing Co. — Biltmore Estate House Brews — Although not a brewery, Biltmore makes their own in-house brews that you can order at Cedric’s Tavern.

They are delicious, and Cedric’s — named after the beloved Biltmore pooch — is perfect for lunch or dinner. Don’t miss the best way to make the most out of that Biltmore ticket.

Don’t Forget To Save Your Favorite Breweries In Asheville For Later

Best Breweries In Asheville NC From Locals with Wedge Brewing Pinterest Pin
Too many amazing breweries in Asheville to choose from? Save this list for later, and try a few new Asheville breweries every time you visit.

More Downtown Asheville Breweries

Are you looking for more breweries in downtown Asheville?

Many of the best breweries in Asheville, NC mentioned above are around or close to South Slope, including Bhramari, Burial, Green Man, Wicked Weed, and the Funkatorium.

Below are a few more of our personal favorite downtown Asheville breweries near restaurants like Tupelo, Red Ginger, and Farm Burger as well as Asheville’s famous cideries like Noble and Botanist and Barrel.


Address: 63 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Dssolvr Brewery Downtown Asheville with two small pours of orange and yellow beer and one glass of yellow cider
If you enjoy sours, Dssolvr is a hipster downtown Asheville brewery. Pictured above are a Kolsch, Mango Gose, and oaky cider.

Technically, Dssolvr labels itself as a ‘beverage company’ versus a brewery. They enjoy making many of the old-school beers like traditional Lagers and IPAs, but then they have a sour side.

Interested in the fermentation process, Dssolvr is hoping to expand past beer into wines, meads, and ciders, teaming up with local farmers and artisans.

For downtown Asheville breweries, their taproom is filled with fun blend beers and a classic selection.

Dssolvr has both indoor and outdoor seating, and you can order half pours to try a little bit of everything.

One World Brewing

Downtown AVL Address: 10 Patton Ave #002; Asheville, NC 28801; 828-785-5580
West Address: 520 Haywood Road; Asheville, NC 28806; 828-575-9992

Downtown Asheville Breweries One World Brewing darker taproom with green and purple lights
One of the more hidden downtown Asheville breweries, One World Brewing is a little bit of aliens meets A Christmas Story.

One World Brewing is one of the downtown Asheville breweries that is a little quieter. They also have a location over on Haywood Road.

We enjoy the downtown taproom, which sits underground near Farm Burger and is decorated with A Christmas Story leg lamp and other funky colored lights. Of course, there are alien vibes, too.

For Asheville beer, they have a little bit of everything. If you are looking to escape the bad weather on a rainy day or hide from the crowds, One World is a chill and fun place to be.

Urban Orchard Cider Company

South Slope Address: 24 Buxton Ave; Asheville, NC 28801; 828-505-7243
West Asheville Location: 210 Haywood Rd; Asheville, NC 28806; 828-774-5151

Urban Orchard Cider Co outdoor wall mural with woman holding bottle of cider
Urban Orchard Cider Company in downtown Asheville is the perfect option if you are looking for cider.
Urban Orchard Cider Co West Asheville NC with red cider in front of tree in city mural and brown fence
Don’t miss Urban Orchard Cider Co. in West Asheville. They have a fabulous outdoor patio.
Urban Orchard Cider Co. West AVL with red and yellow cider on a patio table
Along with Urban Orchard, don’t forget Noble, too.

Tom has Celiac Disease, which means that he is either ordering cider, mead, or wine at many of these downtown Asheville breweries. Sometimes, the breweries will have a reduced-gluten beer on tap, too.

However, Urban Orchard Cider Company is for him. In the winter, we are always stoked to see Gluhwein on the menu.

Although technically a cidery, we are including Urban Orchard on this list. It’s still an Asheville must.

Urban Orchard South Slope is a gorgeous building near Catawba Brewing. You cannot miss its vibrant street art out front.

Head inside to an open and modern taproom. Here, you can try a variety of apple ciders with hops, ginger, fruits, or spices.

Cider isn’t for everyone, but give it a try at least once. You never know!

Don’t miss all of the great cideries in Asheville. Be sure to check out all of these gluten-free options in Asheville for food and drink.

Breweries In Asheville Around Historic Biltmore Village

Hillman Beer

Address: 25 Sweeten Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28803
Phone Number: 828-505-1312

Hillman Beer Historic Biltmore Village with flight of 4 light yellow and orange beers with taproom list blurred in the background
Head to the back patio at Hillman Beer for a little city oasis.

If you are touring around Biltmore or dining in Historic Biltmore Village, be sure to head over to Hillman Beer. They produce some of our favorite beer styles including an ESB, Hefeweizen, Brown Ale, and Saison.

With an airy taproom, we also love to sit outside on the back patio. Park yourself at a picnic table with a running creek. This brewery is also dog-friendly.

Historic Biltmore Village houses a secondary Asheville brewery location for Catawba Brewing, and you can find Thirsty Monk.

French Broad River Brewery

Address: 101 Fairview Rd D, Asheville, NC 28803
Phone Number: 828-277-0222

French Broad River Brewery with taps and glass of cider and amber beer
If you are walking around Biltmore Village, sneak off of the beaten track and walk just a bit further to French Broad River Brewery.

We love grabbing French Broad River Brewery’s Kölsch at our local Ingles grocery store. Located on the outskirts of Historic Biltmore Village — but still walkable — don’t miss their taproom.

You can sit inside or outside. Just keep in mind that on a warm day, their taproom doesn’t have AC. It gets a little steamy in here. French Broad River Brewery serves up IPAs, an ESB, our beloved Kölsch, Stouts, and Porters.

French Broad River Brewery is also in the same area as Edna Ryne Distilling Company. Hillman Beer is just a short walk across the street.

Thirsty Monk

Biltmore Park Address: 2 Town Square Blvd #170; Asheville, NC, 28803; 828-687-3873
Top Of The Monk: 92 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801; 828-254-5470

Top of the Monk Asheville NC with white brunette male and female with cocktails doing a cheers
Thirsty Monk is undergoing changes, and its downtown Asheville location closed during the pandemic. You can still relax at Top Of The Monk for speakeasy cocktails and a rooftop bar. Photo by Sarah Resta Photography.

Thirsty Monk is one of our personal favorite breweries in Asheville, and we are waiting to see what becomes of the former downtown location. The Citizen-Times has an article here.

For now, if you are looking for a rooftop bar with cocktails, head upstairs to Top of the Monk. Or, drive over to their Biltmore Village location for grub and beer.

Thirsty Monk offers a little bit of every beer style. We will miss their Belgium beers in the basement of their Patton Ave. location.

Best Breweries In North Asheville, Woodfin, & River Arts District (RAD)

Ginger’s Revenge

Address: 829 Riverside Dr. Suite 100, Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-505-2462

Gingers Revenge Asheville NC with mural of woman playing the drums
One of the most unique breweries in Asheville, Ginger’s Revenge offers alcoholic ginger beer. This is perfect for keto and gluten-free drinkers or those looking for unique flavors.

Along the lines of Asheville cideries and gluten-free beer, Ginger’s Revenge is another hot spot. Although ginger beer takes a little getting used to, you have to try it. It’s good for your stomach, right?

We love Ginger’s Revenge’s warehouse vibes. You can hear the ginger beer brewing.

Their ‘ginger’ mural is the backdrop for live music. They also have board games and are a kid-friendly Asheville brewery.

Encounter ginger beer flavored with fruits and spices. We love when their fall pumpkin flavors release and anything with lavender is for us. If they have the Arnold Palmer ginger beer on tap, get it!

All of Ginger’s Revenge’s ginger beers are naturally gluten-free and are made with 95% organic ingredients. And YES, they contain alcohol.

Don’t forget that if you head north, Zillicoach is nearby. If you head south, you’ll hit the River Arts District (RAD), passing the famous AVL silo, Wedge Brewing (both locations), and pleb urban winery.

There are both great Asheville wineries and sleek wine bars out this way.

Wedge At Foundation

Wedge At Foundation Address: 5 Foundy Street; Asheville, NC 28801; 828-253-7152
Wedge Brewery Studio Location: 129 Roberts St, Asheville, NC 28801; 828-505-2792

Wedge Brewing At Foundation in River Arts District Asheville NC blue building covered with street art
As locals, Wedge at Foundation is another one of our favorite breweries in Asheville. Located in the River Arts District, you’ll find a great beer selection, endless street art, and artist studios.

For the best breweries in Asheville, Wedge Brewing is another one that we always recommend to travelers. There are two locations: Foundation — deeper into the River Arts District with pleb urban winery — and Studios — closer to the Asheville silo.

We love the Foundation location because you are in the heart of RAD. Sip beer on their outside patio surrounded by urban street art, a skate park, shops, cafes, pleb urban winery, and artist studios.

Inside is pretty cozy, too, and we usually pull up a stool and vacation plan here.

Visitors can drink IPAs, Pilsners, Stouts, Lagers, Golden Ales, Cream Ales, and even Sours. For ambiance and location, Wedge Brewing has it all.

Riverside Rhapsody Brewery

Address: 995 Riverside Drive; Woodfin, NC 28804
Phone Number: 828-575-2370

Riverside Rhapsody Brewery Woodfin NC with white hand holding up a Saison against a mural
Although technically not one of the Asheville breweries, Riverside Rhapsody butts up against North and West Asheville in Woodfin, making this a quiet local brewery to grab a Saison across from the French Broad River.

Riverside Rhapsody is one of the most hidden breweries in Asheville/Woodfin. Just across the street from the French Broad River, find a little wooden structure filled with Saisons and lighter beers.

You can sit at a covered picnic table or grab a bar stool and sit in the sun at a wine barrel. Their selection is a little smaller than the downtown Asheville breweries, but you’ll enjoy the quiet at this more local joint.

As mentioned above, Zillicoah Brewing and one Asheville Pizza and Brewing location are out this way as well.

Not-To-Miss West Asheville Breweries

Don’t miss the breweries in West Asheville – a hipster Asheville neighborhood filled with gorgeous murals, great food, and a more laid-back, hipster scene.

West Asheville is also home to the famous Dolly mural, Hole Doughnuts, and Urban Orchard Cider Co. West.

Read more about West Asheville shops and things to do. Don’t miss our West AVL restaurant guide, too.

Archetype Brewing

West Asheville: 265 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806; 828-505-4177
Downtown Asheville: 174 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801; 828-505-8305

Archetype Brewing West Asheville with picture of beer taps surrounded by shelves of clean glasses on either side
We love Archetype Brewing’s West Asheville taproom. There is tons of outdoor seating surrounded by colorful street art. The beer has loads of personality.

One of the best breweries in West Asheville, don’t skip Archetype Brewing. This brewery is guarded by a Joan of Arc mural created by Ian the Painter. Honestly, we get some GOT vibes from it, too.

Archetype has a gorgeous new rooftop seating area that overlooks downtown. You can also sit on two different patios and enjoy a quieter ambiance than Central AVL.

The beers are named after their actual archetype, and this Asheville beer company believes in clean and mindful bevies. I love their lighter beers. Find quirky Saisons with sour hints and Belgians.

Archetype Brewing West Asheville with white brunette female wearing flowered shirt, jeans, and sunglasses holding a white ale in front of street art on a rooftop seating area
Opened in the fall of 2020, don’t miss Archetype’s gorgeous rooftop seating area.

UpCountry Brewing

Address: 1042 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806
Phone Number: 828-575-2400

UpCountry Brewing Asheville NC with colorful wall mural with sun, blue mountains and flowers
UpCountry is just like sitting in a cabin in the woods — with beer taps.

With locations in West Asheville and Brevard, UpCountry is a delicious brewery in Asheville for pizza and beer.

Although located on busy Haywood Road, you feel like you are sitting in your best friend’s backyard with a brew and delicious bites.

Grata Pizzeria UpCountry Brewing West Asheville sliced pizza with mushrooms
No one can resist the smell of pizza paired with Asheville craft beer.

UpCountry Brewing epitomizes West Asheville with its stellar murals, a super chill vibe, and delicious food.

Order the Gratta Pizzeria pizza — you can smell it before you even walk in. And yes, they have gluten-free crust and vegan cheese from Darë.

West Asheville houses the best specialty foods and vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

Larger & Nationally-Known Breweries In Asheville

We saved the biggest breweries in Asheville, NC for last because they are a little more tourist-geared but also fun to tour and taste test.

Technically, Sierra Nevada is in Fletcher/Mills River, but it’s literally next to the airport so it counts…

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Address: 100 Sierra Nevada Way; Fletcher, NC 28732
Phone Number: 828-681-5300

Sierra Nevada Brewery NC building
If you are famished after your flight into Asheville, don’t miss Sierra Nevada, which is minutes from the airport.

As mentioned above, Sierra Nevada is conveniently located next to the Asheville airport. We tend to stop here before boarding a flight or right when we get back.

If family is flying into town and hungry for lunch, we head over here, too.

We have yet to take a tour, but we love their taproom menu and dropping in for some beer. Order duck fries and try one of Sierra Nevada’s famous brews.

To us, Sierra Nevada’s beer is hoppy. Sierra Nevada Brewing has a shop and rather impressive grounds.

Sierra Nevada is located in Mills River, NC. While you are out that way, don’t miss these Incredible Mills River Breweries.

New Belgium Brewing Asheville

Address: 21 Craven St.; Asheville, North Carolina
Phone Number: 828-333-6900

New Belgium Brewing Asheville NC with logo on wooden sign at entrance
New Belgium Brewing is another one of the largest brewing facilities and breweries in Asheville. Enjoy a beer and some food truck grub along the French Broad River.

What we consider as one of the most touristy of breweries in Asheville, New Belgium is an icon for Fat Tire. Should you head here? Sure! …And make reservations on Open Table.

Situated next to the French Broad River, enjoy a meal from their rotating food trucks, sit outside along the river, and sip one of their famous brews.

Like Sierra Nevada, we haven’t taken an official tour, but you’ll find a little bit of everything, including a shop and tons of photo ops.

Beer-Hopping In Asheville? Where Can You Stay?

Asheville, NC Hotels

Hotels and B&Bs tend to book up fast in Asheville, especially in the fall, spring, and around holidays. Make dinner reservations wherever you can, too. A few hotels to consider that either we, our friends, or others highly recommend include:

Downtown Asheville
The Foundry Hotel
AC Hotel By Marriott Downtown Asheville
Hotel Indigo
Aloft – Downtown Asheville *One of our top picks; they renovated in 2020

Near The Asheville Outlets/Biltmore
Hampton Inn And Suites Asheville Biltmore Area *Our second favorite pick. We stayed here before we moved.
DoubleTree By Hilton Biltmore/Asheville
Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville

North Asheville/Montford
The Omni Grove Park Inn *We frequently stop by the Grove Park Inn for sunsets, drinks, and food.
1900 Inn On Montford

Don’t miss our Top Asheville Hotel, Resort & B&B Picks Here.

What are your favorite breweries in Asheville, NC?

What are your favorite Asheville breweries? What are your favorite local Asheville beer flavors? We’d love to hear about your AVL experiences. Tell us all in the comments.

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