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Asheville Attractions & Activities

Are you looking for the best Asheville attractions and activities? Discover top things to do In Asheville, NC from locals, including hiking, Biltmore, and seasonal activities.

We’ll talk about shops, bookstores, waterfalls, and gardens, too. Experience Asheville like a local.

Did you just land in Asheville? Or, have you been here all along and are looking for new places to explore? Visiting and living in Asheville, North Carolina never gets old. We are always busy having fun.

As Asheville locals, we’ll share everything that we know about Asheville and Western North Carolina to help you plan your day, vacations, or even your move here. We want you to have a magical experience just like we did.

Below, find all of the Asheville attractions and activities that we love, including things to do like hiking, waterfalls, shops, and seasonal hikes.

We’ll share history, best breweries, restaurants that are our second home, and so much more. We’ll even talk about vintage arcade games and soda pop.

Plus, find classics like Biltmore Estate, Battery Park Book Exchange, and the Thomas Wolfe Memorial. I promise that you’ll never grow restless in Asheville with Uncorked Asheville. Experience Asheville like a local.

Explore 50+ of our favorite Asheville attractions and activities here.

Asheville Attractions And Activities Hooker Falls at DuPont Forest
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Ultimate List Of Asheville Attractions & Activities

Check out our Asheville Events Calendar. You may also love these Day Trips & Itineraries.

Hiking & Biking Trails To Explore

We are hiking obsessed here in Asheville, and there is never a shortage of trails.

Don't miss these biking and hiking trails in and around Asheville, including the Pisgah National Forest, along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and near the Great Smoky Mountains.

We'll also break down hikes by trail with more tips for having a successful outing.

Waterfalls Hikes Near Asheville

Welcome to the land of waterfalls. Don't miss these gorgeous waterfall hikes in and around Asheville, NC.

Head over to our Asheville Food & Drink section to learn about where to eat along with boozy spots like breweries and wineries.

Asheville Parks, Gardens & Nature Walks

If you want to get outside but are not an avid hiker, we have a list of places just for you. Don't miss Asheville's beautiful parks and gardens.

Below, find free public parks along with Asheville attractions like The NC Arboretum. Find spots to birdwatch or picnic, too.

Visiting Biltmore Estate

Did you even visit Asheville if you skipped Biltmore?

As annual passholders, we’ll share why the Biltmore ticket price is worth it and make sure you get your money’s worth.

We spend so much time at Biltmore, I’m surprised we don’t have a room…yet…

Don’t miss these Fantastic Places To Stay In Asheville.

Asheville Art, History, & Shopping

Shop until you drop with our Asheville shopping recommendations. Asheville’s shopping districts are filled with open-air markets and indie boutiques.

Fall Asheville Attractions

If you haven’t experienced an Asheville fall, you are missing out. The vibrant fall foliage will perk up your hipster soul.

We’ll share the best fall foliage hikes near Asheville, tell you what should be on your bucket list, and showcase apple orchards you don’t want to miss.

Plus, who has our favorite corn maze? Where can you eat the best cider donut?

Asheville Winter Attractions

Looking forward to an Asheville winter? Don’t miss our favorite things to do in Asheville in the winter, including special events and indoor and outdoor activities.

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