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7 Delicious Apple Orchards In Hendersonville, NC

Enjoy the best apple orchards in Hendersonville, NC, including the most popular apple orchards near Asheville for donuts, U-Pick, and mazes.

Having grown up in New England, we need the fall. In fact, we live for it.

When we moved to Florida, everyone laughed at us when we asked where we could go apple picking. We knew then and there that we weren’t going to last long in the Sunshine State.

Besides the gorgeous fall foliage hikes and drives, we are pretty apple orchard obsessed. We need a cider donut in October like we need air.

And, if we don’t get lost in a corn maze, did we even participate in fall at all? The answer is no.

If you are headed to Western North Carolina (WNC) this autumn, you cannot miss the farms and apple orchards near Asheville.

So, where can you go apple picking in Asheville, NC?

We highly recommend the Henderson county apple orchards, also known as “Apple Alley. This is a play on the area’s “Apple Valley.”

Most of the Hendersonville, NC apple orchards are around 35-60 minutes outside of Asheville. They open for the fall season around mid-August and close in early November.

Touring the Hendersonville apple orchards is also one of the best fall things to do with the entire family – kids, pets, and couples. Or, even with your friends.

Think corn mazes, donuts, a bamboo forest, huge playgrounds, and farm animals. Treat-eating, pumpkin picking, and apple picking in Hendersonville are a given.

Of course, you have U-Pick fruits and berries as well as seasonal sunflowers. Oh, and an apple blaster and bee train. Let’s not forget that hard apple cider or those hayrides.

Almost everyone has heard of Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard and Sky Top Orchard (in nearby Flat Rock, NC), two of our all-time favorite apple farms.

For more great Hendersonville apple orchards, don’t miss Coston Farm, Grandad’s Apples, Justus Orchard, Jeter Mountain Farm, and Mountain Fresh Orchards.

Plus, visiting them is free! You just pay as you go. We love to stock up on fall treats and seasonal decor too.

Below, learn more about the best apple orchards in Hendersonville (and near Asheville) to visit this fall.

See what to expect, what and when to pick, what to do, and of course, what to eat. Don’t forget that the Hendersonville wineries are also close by.

Did we mention fantastic breweries and delicious local restaurants too? We do consider ourselves Hendersonville “experts” since we are always there.

We just love this area. Let’s get started!

Don’t forget to create the perfect Hendersonville day trip itinerary here.

Best Apple Orchards in Hendersonville Apple Picking Asheville NC with white hand and red painted nails holding waxy bright red apple in middle of orchard with apple tree in background
‘Tis the season! Bring on the corn mazes, sugar, and pumpkins with the best apple orchards in Hendersonville, NC. See where to pick apples near Asheville. Plus, who has the best donuts and booziest cider? As AVL locals, we’ll tell you.

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*Please note that sometimes apple picking in Hendersonville is subject to change due to the season and weather. U-Pick may not always be ready as predicted or available that year.

7 Best Apple Orchards In Hendersonville (Near Asheville)

1. Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard

Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard is a 70-acre working farm and has been around for 50+ years. This family-owned business is full of history. Visiting is also a fall tradition for us.

Most notably, out of all of the Hendersonville apple orchards, Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard has the hardest corn maze. Encounter over 5 acres of corn stalks.

Plan for at least 30 to 45-minutes to find your way out. If it’s a warm day, this maze can be toasty. Consider bringing water and wearing sunscreen. Bug spray helps too.

Of course, Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard offers U-Pick pumpkins, grapes, and apples. On weekends, find a jump pad, apple cannon, and wagon rides.

Don’t miss the apple cider donuts and educational nature trail. You can even have a picnic.

For apple picking near Asheville, find over 21 varieties of apples, including Gala, Fuji, Crimson Crisp, Jona, Red and Golden Delicious, and Ginger Gold.

Of course, grab bagged apples along with other local goodies in their apple house. Think teeny tiny pumpkins!

Stepp’s Hillcrest is also one of the pet-friendly apple orchards in Hendersonville, NC. Your well-behaved and leashed dog is allowed on most of the grounds except in the apple house and on the wagon ride.

If you are hoping to see multiple Henderson County apple orchards in one shot, Justus is nearby.

Visitor Information & Contact For Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard:

Address: 170 Stepp Orchard Drive Hendersonville, NC 28792
Phone Number: (828) 685-9083

Directions To Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard:

From Asheville, NC, take I-26 East to Exit 49A Bat Cave/Chimney Rock. Stay on 64E/Chimney Rock Road for 4.5 miles. Turn right onto Pace Road. Go one mile and turn right on Stepp Orchard Drive.

Stepp’s Hillcrest has a large parking lot out front.

2. Grandad’s Apples ‘N Such

Another one of the most fun apple orchards in Hendersonville, NC, Grandad’s is beautiful. As you head out of the barn-like store, the gorgeous mountains surround the corn maze and apples.

Like Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard, Grandad’s Apples has also been growing apples for four generations on their 100-acre family farm.

As you drive up, you’ll enter Grandad’s Barn and Country Store. Find slushies, apple fritters, and donuts. Buy apple-related gifts including peelers and apple butter.

Grab a ticket for the corn maze or pick up some pre-picked apples and pumpkins.

On select weekends, Grandad’s Apples sometimes has you-pick options depending on the year and season. However, if you have your heart set on apple picking, you might want to call or go elsewhere.

Outside, sit in rocking chairs or at picnic tables with your loot. Children may play in the little hay playpen area. Their hay even has eyes.

Like Stepp’s Hillcrest, we also recommend Grandad’s corn maze. The maze is not that difficult to navigate.

Budget about 30-minutes to get lost in Grandad’s Apples ‘N Such tall and well-kept corn. Find a “you are here map” throughout the maze.

Like the other Hendersonville apple orchards, on the weekends, Grandad’s Apple has an apple cannon and cow train.

Oh, and did we mention that they sell fermented apple cider?

Visitor & Contact Information For Grandad’s Apples ‘N Such:

Address: 2951 Chimney Rock Road Hendersonville, NC 28792
Phone Number: (828) 685-1685

Directions To Grandad’s Apples:

From Asheville, take I-26 to Exit 49A Bat Cave/Chimney Rock. Stay straight on Chimney Rock Road for 2.4-miles. Grandad’s Apples will be on the left.

3. Mountain Fresh Orchards

On the way to Grandad’s Apples, Coston Farm, or back, you will pass Mountain Fresh Orchards. They do not have u-pick apples, but their country store is a must.

For children, Mountain Fresh Orchards has Apple Express train rides on the weekend (weather permitting). For adults, they sell pies and fall decorations.

More unique to the apple orchards in Hendersonville, NC, Mountain Fresh Orchards offers a variety of ciders and juices, including apple, cherry apple, peach, muscadine, blueberry, scuppernong, and blackberry cider.

Or, grab a cup of mulled hot cider or coffee, especially if you are already exhausted from visiting all of the Hendersonville apple orchards in one day.

Mountain Fresh Orchard’s local farm store also sells pickles, relishes, honey, molasses, and BBQ sauce. Grab fresh donuts from the bakery or an apple fritter.

They label treats for gluten-free and milk, which we appreciate.

Enjoy cute white chocolate-covered Rice Krispie treats, or pick up a loaf of fall-flavored bread along with honey sticks.

Mountain Fresh Orchards has 17 apple varieties including Honey Crisp, Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Ambrosia, Granny Smith, Mutsu, Fuji, Pink Lady, Cameo, Grimes Golden, and Jonagold, just to name a few.

Visitor & Contact Information For Mountain Fresh Orchards:

Address: 2887 Chimney Rock Rd. Hendersonville, NC 28792
Phone Number: (828) 685-7606

Directions To Mountain Fresh Orchards:

From Asheville, take I-26 to Exit 49A Bat Cave/Chimney Rock. Stay straight on Chimney Rock Road for 2.2-miles.

Mountain Fresh Orchards will be on the left. Grandad’s Apples is just a bit further down the road on the left.

4. Coston Farm And Apple House

One of the smaller apple orchards in Hendersonville, Coston Farm is a 4th generation family-owned farm. They have the sweetest farm store that also sells baked goods.

Head outside for the children’s playground or back behind their country store for their rows upon rows of apple trees.

Coston Farm has some of the easiest apple picking in Hendersonville too.

In fact, what we most appreciate about Coston Farm is that you don’t have to walk as far as some of the other orchards for those apples.

It can still be a tad warm this time of year, and we save roasting for apple crisp…

Coston Farm also has “apple pickers” available for public use – a long pole with a basket to reach those high-up apples.

For apple varietals find Cameo, Golden Delicious, Rome Beauty, Granny Smith, Fuji, Stayman, Cortland, and Arkansas Black.

Their prices are some of the lowest out of the Hendersonville apple orchards.

Coston Farm, like Sky Top, is especially perfect if you are picking apples with younger children.

Coston Farm Visitor Information:

Address: 3748 Chimney Rock Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28792
Phone Number: (828) 685-8352

Directions To Coston Farm:

From Asheville, take I-26 to Exit 49A Bat Cave/Chimney Rock. Stay straight on Chimney Rock Road for about 5 miles.

5. Sky Top Orchard

For the absolute best apple picking in Hendersonville that has it all, Sky Top Orchard is spectacular. There is so much to do here.

The bamboo forest, farm animals, apple cannon, and acres upon acres of apple picking really make Sky Top stand out over its competitors.

Plus, a visit to Sky Top is also one of the best things to do near Asheville with kids.

We know that many also claim that Sky Top has the best donuts around. We choose to remain neutral here. There isn’t a cider donut we don’t love. You are all winners to us.

However, Sky Top Orchard makes their donuts on the spot, shaking them in sugary goodness right in front of you. They also serve their apple cider donuts steaming hot.

Apples found at Sky Top Orchard include Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji, Rome, and Pink Lady, just to name a few.

Nothing beats that panoramic mountain view while picking. Just know that you might have to walk a little farther out for those apples. Sky Top is massive.

We’ve also stumbled upon humping goats, and meet their donkeys, sheep, bunnies, ducks, and geese. However, we have still never seen Sky Top Orchard’s all-white peacock.

Head to the fun playground with wooden pumpkins and gourds to walk through as well as their tractor rides and bee train.

Have a picnic and just enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, new in 2022, Sky Top has a gem mine.

For planning purposes, this is another Hendersonville apple orchard that you’ll want to visit early and on a weekday, if at all possible.

They are open every day of the week – but always double-check hours on their website.

Sky Top Orchard also recommends having cash handy because of the spotty wi-fi occasionally affecting the credit card machines. There is an on-site ATM, just in case, too.

Leashed dogs are OK except in the store.

While exploring Flat Rock, you might also enjoy a stroll or picnic at The Park At Flat Rock. Or, visit the farm animals and hike around the Carl Sandburg home.

Visitor & Contact Information For Sky Top Orchard:

Address For Your GPS: 3403 Greenville Highway Flat Rock, NC 28731
Physical Address (don’t use this in GPS): 1193 Pinnacle Mountain Road Flat Rock, NC 28790
Phone Number: (828) 692-7930

Directions To Sky Top Orchard:

If you are coming from Asheville, take I-26E. Take Exit 54 for Flat Rock. Get off at Exit 5 where you will take a right.

Follow the signs for Sky Top Orchard, which will lead you to Pinnacle Mountain Road. Take a left, and climb that hill.

Parking is free, and when visitors slam the orchard–usually weekends–attendants will help you find a spot in their various lots.

6. Justus Orchard

Justus Orchard Hendersonville NC
The drive to Justus Orchard is gorgeous, and for Hendersonville apple orchards, you’ll feel pretty at home here.

One of the other fourth-generation (almost fifth now) apple orchards in Hendersonville, NC, Justus feels the most rustic.

Here you can pick blackberries, pumpkins, peaches, and apples. For Hendersonville apple picking, select from Gala, Summerset, Rosalee, Fuji, Pink Lady, Evercrisp, and Red Rome.

Justus’s Apple House offers tasty baked goods and cider for their huge picnic area. Stock up on honey, jams, and jellies.

Their caramel apples look delicious, and don’t miss the BBQ truck out front.

Justus Orchard also has a playground, duck pond, and cow train. Blast Bigfoot with the apple cannon.

For families and church groups, they offer apple orchard tours.

We don’t frequent Justus as much as the other Hendersonville apple orchards, but that’s just our personal preference.

Contact & Visitor Information For Justus Orchard:

Address: 187 Garren Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28792
Phone Number: (828) 974-1232

Directions To Justus Orchard:

From Asheville, take I-26 to Exit 49A Bat Cave/Chimney Rock. Stay straight on Chimney Rock Road for 1.8-miles. Turn left onto Fruitland Road.

Follow Fruitland for 3-miles and turn right on S. Mills Gap Road. You’ll see signs along the way for Justus Orchard. Turn left onto Garren Road.

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7. Jeter Mountain Farm

An Uncorked Asheville readers’ favorite, Jeter Mountain Farm is extremely popular for apple picking near Asheville.

They are a little over one hour away from the city – and yes, it’s worth the drive.

Unlike many of the other apple orchards in Hendersonville, though, Jeter Mountain Farm is only open Thursdays through Sundays – and they grow extremely busy on the weekends.

We highly recommend aiming for a Thursday or Friday morning early in the season if crowds are not for you. You might catch a supervised school field trip then, but it’s not too bad.

Jeter Mountain Farm offers U-Pick, hard cider, apple cider donuts, and tractor-pulled wagon rides around their massive property. In fact, you can even get married here.

Find a variety of pre-picked and U-Pick options for peaches, apples, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and pumpkins. You have to love those black gourds and warted pumpkins too.

Of course, grab some cider in their Cider Barn, including a mug of warm spiced cider or an apple cider slushie.

For hard cider lovers, Jeter Mountain’s Farm Hard Cider Taproom has 6+ hard ciders on tap, and we personally enjoy grabbing a flight.

Know that Jeter Mountain Farm makes its own ciders and also serves ciders from Flat Rock Cider Company. Afterward, build your own cider 4-pack to take home.

If cider isn’t your jam, find a delicious coffee bar with fall flavor favorites like pumpkin spice, maple brown sugar, and caramel. Grab a coffee-scented fall candle too.

When in season – usually right before autumn – choose from 10 different varieties of flowers in their Sunflower Field that grow up to 9 feet tall. Cut a few to take home or buy some in the store.

For Hendersonville apple picking, find the Gale Gala, RubyMac, Honey Crisp, McIntosh, Grimes Golden, Red Delicious, Mutsu, Enterprise, Smokehouse, and more. Who knew there were so many types of apples?

Lastly, did we mention the 6,000-square-foot covered play area for your littles? Parents can watch from above as children climb haystacks, play in wooden homes, and romp around this fun playground.

If this doesn’t have you exhausted, Jeter Mountain Farm also features a country store with clothing, treats, pre-picked goods, cider glasses, apple butter, and mini-pumpkins.

Y’all, it’s an excursion and luxury apple orchard in Hendersonville.

Jeter Mountain Farm Contact Information:

Address: 1126 Jeter Mountain Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28739
Phone Number: (828) 513-0404

Directions To Jeter Mountain Farm:

If you are coming from Asheville, take I-26E. Take Exit 44 and continue down the Asheville Highway.

However, if there is traffic, know that GPS might route you through the backroads that we take to DuPont, and you might even find yourself driving back through Hendersonville.

When Is The Best Time For Apple Picking In Hendersonville, NC?

Apple orchard season in Western North Carolina runs from about mid-August to early November. North Carolina is able to grow a plethora of apple varieties throughout those months.

Apple picking in Hendersonville usually starts in September but may also begin as late as October, depending on the weather patterns. Rome apples seem to survive just about anything.

Remember that if apples aren’t ready for U-Pick, many of the orchards will sell them in their markets.

We personally think the best time for apple picking in Hendersonville is the beginning of October, though. We appreciate the cooler temperatures and vibrant fall leaves.

For planning purposes and fall foliage leaf spying, you might also be interested in our Asheville Fall Color Forecast.

Most of the apple orchards near Asheville are open daily and offer special events on the weekends.

Like the waterfalls and hikes, always visit the Hendersonville apple orchards as early as you can. Weekdays are best.

Quite frankly, the weekends in the fall are a tad frightening. Some of the apple orchards in Hendersonville will even hire parking attendants to direct traffic.

Locals will tell you that we try to stay far away from the chaos.

But, if you have to go when it’s busy, just do it. Think Disney at Christmas and prepare accordingly.

The North Carolina Apple Festival

One of the most popular fall events around Hendersonville, don’t miss the NC Apple Festival on Labor Day Weekend.

The festival typically runs from Friday to Monday in Downtown Hendersonville. There’s a street fair filled with local vendors and bands.

Explore rides, flyovers, races, food, and all of the Hendersonville shops and museums. Read more about the events around Asheville and Hendersonville.

More Fun Things To Do In & Around The Hendersonville Apple Orchards

U-Pick Apples Hendersonville NC with black and white cat hugging bag of apples
Noah loved apple picking season in Asheville.

Like Asheville, Hendersonville is an incredible city with a lot to offer visitors and locals. In fact, we even looked at houses here.

Of course, Asheville won out. But, even before moving to Asheville, we stayed in and around Hendersonville because we loved the vibe, breweries, wineries, and restaurants.

Once you are done visiting the apple orchards in Hendersonville, NC here’s what we recommend doing, and be sure to read our full guide to exploring Hendersonville:

Wine Taste At The Hendersonville Wineries

We live for wine tasting. Christine is The Uncorked Librarian, after all.

Hendersonville and the surrounding areas have a plethora of gorgeous wineries, including:

Stone Ashe Vineyards – A newer Hendersonville winery, Stone Ashe is quickly becoming our favorite. We love sitting on their outdoor hill spying the vineyards. Their tasting room has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the mountains. This is a 21+ vineyard.

Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards – Wine taste by the gorgeous fireplace or on their outdoor back patio. A bit smaller than the other Hendersonville wineries, you’ll love their cozy vibe.

Point Lookout Vineyards – One of the wineries with the best views, don’t miss sitting high up over the mountains while sipping delicious wines and meads. You can also do a mead tasting.

Souther Williams – New in 2022, this gorgeous vineyard has delicious wines, sip and hike tours, and sits near Stone Ashe Vineyards. We highly recommend a visit but know that it’s a 21+ vineyard.

Sawyer Springs Vineyard – Head here after visiting the Hendersonville apple orchards. Then, order Joey’s NY Bagels subs (they have gluten-free bread) via GrubHub and have it delivered right to the winery steps. Perfection.

Read more about all of the Hendersonville wineries.

Chase Waterfalls At Dupont State Forest

We absolutely love DuPont State Forest for its waterfall hikes. Know that DuPont grows extremely busy on weekends and anytime during the fall.

Spy at least 4 large waterfalls in one relatively easy hike, including Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, High Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Triple Falls was also a filming location for The Hunger Games.

Or, hike nearby Bearwallow Mountain (perfect for picnics and families) or Trombatore Trail to Blue Ridge Pastures.

Read more on our master list of Asheville fall hiking trails.

Explore Downtown Hendersonville

Like Asheville, Downtown Hendersonville is filled with cafes, restaurants, museums, and shops.

Eat at the best Hendersonville restaurants like Umi for sushi, Pita Express for Middle Eastern cuisine, and Haus Heidelberg for authentic German food.

For kid-friendly places to eat, head to Mikes on Main or Hot Dog World.

Plus, similar to the Asheville brewery scene, Hendersonville has must-visit breweries. Head to D9 for sours, Oklawaha for gluten-reduced beers, and Guidon for their delicious food truck schedule.

Near DuPont, in Etowah, we just love Sideways Brewing, which is also a U-pick flower farm.

If you are in need of caffeine, Black Bear Coffee Co. and Main Street Coffee are go-to HVL coffee shops.

Where Can You Stay In Hendersonville?

If you want to arrive at the apple orchards in Hendersonville early to beat those crowds, you might want to consider overnighting. Even as Asheville locals, staying in Hendersonville for a night is a good time.

When we visited Hendersonville before becoming Asheville residents, we loved staying at the 1898 Waverly Inn. They have a delicious happy hour.

Mike is a wonderful host, and you can walk to the downtown area. Staff and owners will also sit down with you and tell you all of the musts.

The Charleston Inn is gorgeous and is right next door.

For more accommodation ideas, book a hotel, Bed and Breakfast, cabin, or cottage in Hendersonville here.

Don’t miss our Asheville Accommodation Recs, too.

Save These Hendersonville Apple Orchards For Later:

Have You Visited Asheville In The Fall? What Do You Love The Most? What Are Your Favorite Hendersonville, NC apple orchards?

It’s no secret that tourists and locals swarm the Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall. Do you have a favorite fall activity in North Carolina?

We are clearly all about those orchards and fall hikes.

Do you have a favorite apple orchard in Hendersonville? Where do you love to go apple picking in Asheville?

And, most importantly, which of the Hendersonville apple orchards make the best cider donuts and slushies?

If we had to pick our top three Hendersonville apple orchards, we’d go with Sky Top Orchard, Stepp’s Hillcrest, and Jeter Mountain Farm.

Let us know your favorite apple orchard in the comments.

P.S. If you love a secret apple stand in Asheville or Hendersonville, we’d love to know too!

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Wow. Asheville and Hendersonville sounds like the most perfect fall vacation. I think I really need to see it in the fall. Maybe that will be a 2021 goal? I have to get lost in a corn maze. That looks so fun!! And what is a cow train? Are we talking real cows? And you cracked me up about the humping goats. What a sight to see! Loved this post! I have to spend at least a week to do all the hiking, all the apple picking, and touring the wineries. And chill in some laid back breweries. It would be an awesome trip! And maybe I’ll realize it should be my home.


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That would be an awesome fall 2021 goal! Corn mazes are my favorite!

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