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8 Scenic & Adventurous Asheville Mountain Biking Trails

Just like hiking and waterfalls, the Asheville mountain biking trails are plentiful and incredible. Uncover the best bike trails in and around Asheville, NC.

We are major outdoor enthusiasts, especially living in Asheville. Every day, those Blue Ridge Mountains call to us. Hidden within their fog, discover endless hiking, biking, and walking trails. Did I mention waterfalls?

We are definitely more experienced hikers than mountain bikers, but we try. We don’t own super fancy mountain bikes or riding gear. Full disclosure here: We are your average bikers.

However, we love the casual road bike trails and easy to moderate mountain biking trails around Asheville.

Asheville’s most local bike trails sit ensconced in the Bent Creek Experimental Forest and NC Arboretum. You can also find family-friendly bike trails in Asheville’s parks. Did you know we have a velodrome?

A bit more of a drive, additional mountain bike trails near Asheville lead you to cascading waterfalls and babbling brooks. Think Daniel Ridge Loop and DuPont State Forest.

As locals, we are sharing where to road bike and mountain bike in Asheville. Some of these Asheville mountain biking trails will be much harder while others will be perfect for the entire family. Let’s get started!

If you enjoy mountain biking in Asheville, NC, don’t skip these Top Asheville Hiking Trails.

Best Asheville Mountain Biking Trails NC with mountain bike on trail surrounded by taller green grass
Grab your bike and get ready to explore the best Asheville bike trails.

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8 Top Asheville Mountain Biking Trails (With Road Bike Options)

1. Carrier & French Broad River Park

French Broad River Park in Asheville NC with trees and wooden picnic table
Part of the French Broad River Greenway connects Carrier and French Broad River Parks, perfect for biking around Asheville.

OK. OK. I am starting easy here. Don’t come for me… Yes; Carrier Park is for Asheville road biking enthusiasts, but for families with young kids, bring your mountain bikes.

Carrier Park offers two perfect warmup Asheville mountain biking options. You can use their paved track for biking loops or Carrier Park’s trail that connects into French Broad River Park.

The outer trail is part of the French Broad River Greenway. You can bike a 3.1-mile loop between the two parks. You’ll cross sidewalks as well as paved and dirt areas. The French Broad River makes this one of the most scenic Asheville biking trails.

Carrier Park also has a velodrome, perfect for running and biking laps. The “Mellowdrome” used to be an ex-NASCAR short track. This velodrome is safe for both road and mountain bikes. Carrier Park has restrooms, too.

Don’t miss our Guide To Asheville’s Beautiful Parks & Gardens.

2. Bent Creek Experimental Forest

Bent Creek Experiment Forest Mountain Biking Asheville with fall foliage and man mountain biking in the distance down a small hill among fallen leaves and with a trail surrounded by leaves
For local bike trails in Asheville, Bent Creek Experimental Forest is one of our favorites. In the fall, the trees light up. You’ll find a wide variety of mountain biking trails ranging from easy to difficult.

Bent Creek Experimental Forest is a massive recreational area in AVL with camping, Lake Powhatan, and endless trails. Bent Creek has some of the best local Asheville mountain biking trails for all levels and gets busy on the weekends.

I’m not going to lie: The first time we mountain biked here, I about dropped dead. We took a harder trail, and I was not in biking shape. Biking shape is different than hiking shape. I also have a cheapo and heavy mountain bike.

The Hardtimes Connector and Deer Lake Lodge Trails are easier. We’ve watched families teach their little guys how to mountain bike around the Deerfield Loop Trail and the bikable parts of the Homestead Trail.

Bent Creek Experimental Forest Mountain Biking Trails Asheville with white brunette woman on purple mountain bike on trail surrounded by fall foliage
I’m the perfect Asheville mountain biking example…of what not to wear. Here I am rocking soft leggings and an environmentally disastrous plastic water bottle. Hear me roar.

The Ledford Trail and Wolf Branch Trail are more moderate bike trails in Asheville. That’s about as hard as I can personally handle right now.

This MTB WNC Guide is the most helpful when choosing a Bent Creek Experimental Forest Trail. It gets a tad confusing out there until you learn the grounds.

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3. The North Carolina Arboretum

Bike Trails Asheville NC Arboretum with gravel road surround by green trees and fence
One of the Asheville bike trails perfect for families, head over the The North Carolina Arboretum. You can even pack a picnic.

For slightly easier mountain biking trails in Asheville, The NC Arboretum is a fabulous choice. You will have to pay to enter, though. We are annual passholders, and the small fee is definitely worth it.

The North Carolina Arboretum houses over 65 acres of cultivated gardens and is filled with hiking, biking, and nature trails. In fact, part of the Arboretum’s Hard Times Trail connects into the Bent Creek Experimental Forest.

The Arboretum’s easy Asheville mountain biking trails include Bent Creek Road and its branches including Wolf Branch Road and Old Mill Trail. Hard Times Road and the Owl Ridge Trail are harder. Don’t miss the NC Arboretum’s Trail Map.

Past the entrance to The NC Arboretum, you can also enjoy these hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Headed to the NC Arboretum? Learn All You Need To Know Here.

4. Biltmore Estate

Asheville Mountain Biking Trails Biltmore Estate with Deer Park Trail leading up to side of Biltmore home and people biking up to gardens
One of the coolest Asheville mountain biking trails, don’t skip Biltmore Estate’s Deer Park Trail. This easy to moderate bike trail will take you straight up to the house and gardens.

Did you know that another local and popular Asheville mountain biking spot is at Biltmore Estate? You will either need a ticket or membership to enter the grounds.

We are annual Biltmore passholders, and like The NC Arboretum, it’s more than worth it. We frequent Biltmore’s events, exhibitions, and gardens. Biltmore has 22 miles of hiking and biking trails.

You can rent bikes on the Estate at the Bike Barn or bring your own. The trails tend to get a little confusing; don’t skip Biltmore’s Biking Trail Map.

The most popular Biltmore biking trails are Deer Park Trail and the Lagoon Trail. Both provide different views of Biltmore House. Deer Park Trail has a large incline, but it leads you to the side of Biltmore House and Gardens.

Talk about an incredible view of Biltmore along the Deer Park Trail. You can park your bike at the garden gates. We’ve hiked the Westover Trails and have seen bikes on the longer Farm Trail.

We are annual passholders to Biltmore. Make the most out of your Biltmore Visit With ThIs Guide.

5. The Adventure Center Of Asheville’s Kolo Bike Park

Kolo Bike Park is located at The Adventure Center of Asheville. We have yet to bike here as their passes and rentals are a little pricy. Plus, Kolo isn’t exactly our personal style, but it might be yours.

For adventurous bikers and AVL visitors looking to play, Kolo offers 4 miles of diverse Asheville mountain biking trails. They even market the bike park as a “mountain bike sampler-pack.”

Riders of all levels will encounter jumping lines and a Skills Park filled with obstacles. Younger riders can sign up for Shred Sessions. Grab all of the information about Asheville’s Kolo Bike Park here.

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Asheville Bike Trails Pinterest Pin with Deer Park Trail at Biltmore Estate and white woman riding a mountain bike
Looking for new adventures? Save our Asheville bike trails post for later. Mountain bike Asheville, NC like a local with Uncorked Asheville.

6. RAD’s Riverwalk Greenway

One of the newest road and mountain biking trails in Asheville, RAD’s (River Arts District) got a 2020-2021 facelift.

For about 2 miles along the French Broad River and Riverside Drive, Lyman Street, and Amboy Road, bikers can safely ride in their own biking lane. They did a beautiful job with this Riverwalk.

You can always stop at pleb urban winery or one of the RAD breweries, too. Plus, RAD Skatepark is right there.

7. Daniel Ridge Loop & Falls

Daniel Ridge Loop Trail For Mountain Biking Near Asheville with trail surrounded by green trees
Don’t let this picture fool you. Daniel Ridge Loop Trail is probably one of the hardest mountain biking trails near Asheville on this list. This part of the Pisgah National Forest is gorgeous, though.

For more difficult mountain biking trails near Asheville, head over to Daniel Ridge Falls and Loop. Located in the Pisgah National Forest, you’ll have this quieter spot almost to yourself. Unless everyone starts reading Uncorked Asheville…

Plus, there’s a gorgeous waterfall. Full disclosure that we prefer to hike this local trail. We usually only pass a few hikers and many more mountain bikers, though. Guys, I just wouldn’t make it.

This trail is full of cascading water with a lot of roots and rocks. Most people attempt the trail counter-clockwise. The full loop is a very difficult mountain biking trail.

You’ll see a few “No Electric Mountain Biking Signs” around Daniel Ridge Loop, but you can use a regular mountain bike here.

Keep an eye on the red Daniel Ridge Loop Trail blazes; there are confusing connectors. Head to Daniel Ridge with offline maps and a Garmin or the GAIA app. Getting lost in the Pisgah National Forest is scary.

Riders also mountain bike Cove Creek Trail and Cove-Daniel Loop out here, too.

Don’t head to Daniel Ridge Falls without reading this Complete Guide To Daniel Ridge Loop.

8. DuPont State Forest

Bridal Veil Falls Waterfalls Near Asheville at DuPont Forest
Take the fairly easy and flat biking trail to DuPont’s Bridal Veil Falls. Did you know that they shot scenes from The Last of the Mohicans here?

Home to The Hunger Games waterfalls, DuPont State Forest is one of my favorite State Parks about 45 minutes from Asheville.

DuPont has numerous access points and endless trails. I’m not sure we’ll ever explore them all. Please pay attention to posted signs as you cannot mountain bike in particular areas.

For an easy trail straight to a waterfall, I’d definitely recommend mountain biking to Bridal Veil Falls. The 4.2ish-mile trail consists of mostly gravel roads and is pretty flat.

Like Bent Creek, MTB WNC has a well-labeled map of the DuPont Forest biking trails. Many bikers enjoy Ridgeline Loop, Turkey Knob Road Trail, and Wintergreen Falls Trail.

Uncover the Gorgeous Waterfall Trails At DuPont State Forest.

Bent Creek Experimental Forest Mountain Biking In Asheville NC with white brunette male and female wearing bike helmets in gray shirts with sunglasses
Clearly, we are kick butt Asheville mountain bikers…said no one ever about us.

More Mountain Biking Trails Near Asheville:

You can also find WNC mountain biking trails around Asheville at Point Lookout Trail, North Mills River, Tsali Recreation Area, Thermal Belt Rail Trail, and Beech Mountain Resort.

What Are Your Favorite Asheville Mountain Biking Trails?

Do you have favorite bike trails near Asheville that you enjoy? Have you biked any of the above trails? What should we try out and add? Please let us know in the comments.

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Susan Bessette

Tuesday 8th of June 2021

Thank you so much for this info. Hubby and I are ready to move south and Ashville is high on our list. I was so happy to see your section on easy bike trails. He cannot walk further than 5 minutes, so the hiking trails are out for us. We are seniors with mobility challenges. We do have recumbent bikes and love our time on the (handicap accessible) pathways. AVL seems to offer several selections. We look forward to exploring and discovering the charms of Ashville.


Wednesday 9th of June 2021

Thanks, Susan! My husband and I are definitely not skilled mountain bikers, but we do enjoy getting out on the trails. I think you guys might enjoy Biltmore's trails for accessibility, but you would need to be passholders/or have tickets to access the grounds; the trail that leaves from Antler Hill Village's parking lot to the Lagoon is wider and pretty. We are hoping to seek out more Rails to Trails that are a tad farther away soon. We just found a trail in Lincolnton, NC. The new AVL Riverwalk in the River Arts District area is gorgeous & well done, too.