17 Vibrant Murals In Asheville

What are the best murals in Asheville, NC and where can you find them? As locals, we are dishing on the Asheville street art scene.

The Asheville murals are plentiful and stunning. Some designs are thought-provoking and reverent while others are just plain fun.

Did you know that you can catch Homer Simpson snacking on a donut in the River Arts District? Or, that you can pay homage to Dolly Parton and ‘Joan of Arc’ (meant to be the painter’s daughter) in West Asheville?

The Aloft recently renovated their gorgeous hotel, filling it with colorful art. Here, you’ll find a vibrant tribute to Asheville’s music scene.

You can learn more about Asheville’s agricultural ties as you pass by fairy doors. Just don’t get attacked by a 10-foot rooster or the ghost of Chicken Alley… Say hi to Lionel Richie downtown, and get inspired by the Daydreamer.

These are some of the best murals in Asheville to see in 2021. We will share artists, locations, and stories behind each of Asheville’s murals as we know of them.

We are always searching for more information on each Asheville mural — please never hesitate to share what you know.

Are you ready to tour the beautiful urban street art in Asheville, NC? Let’s get started, and don’t forget to give all of these mural artists a follow at the end.

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Gorgeous murals in Asheville NC with Daydreamer by Ian Wilkinson and Alex IrvinePin
Looking for something different to do? Get ready for a scavenger hunt of the coolest murals in Asheville.

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Gorgeous & Fun Murals In Asheville, NC

Dolly Parton & RuPaul

783 Haywood Road and Mildred Ave., Asheville, NC 28806
Artist: Gus Cutty

Dolly Parton and RuPaul Mural West Asheville NC with portrait of her head and blue and pink flowersPin
One of my all-time favorite murals in Asheville, don’t miss Gus Cutty’s tribute to Dolly Parton. He recently added RuPaul, too. Did you know that you can also visit Dollywood in nearby Pigeon Forge, TN?

Don’t miss Gus Cutty’s Dolly Parton in West Asheville. Plus, Dolly got a neighbor in 2021: RuPaul.

A collaboration with Terra Marshall of Beauty Parade, you’ll find Dolly and RuPaul on the corner of 783 Haywood Road and Mildred Ave.

Haywood Road is a busy area; please be careful crossing the street and while taking pictures. We usually park on a side road and try to be extra respectful of not blocking anyone’s home or space.

Like Dolly, many of the gorgeous Asheville portraits are painted by Gus Cutty.

Greetings From West Asheville

Bon Paul & Sharky’s Hostel: 816 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806

Best Neighborhoods In Asheville West Asheville Mural with house with welcome to West Asheville mural with blue sky and sunflowersPin
West Asheville is home to some of the best murals in Asheville.
Bon Paul & Sharky's Hostel Country Flags mural with the United States and Canadian flags on a blue fence in West Asheville NCPin
Don’t miss the flags along the fence at Bon Paul & Sharky’s Hostel.

While snapping pictures of Dolly, don’t miss the Greetings From West Asheville mural. You’ll also find a fence covered with country flags at Bon Paul & Sharky’s Hostel located at 816 Haywood Road.

Be sure to check out Asheville’s Hippest Neighborhoods, including West AVL.

The Dude Abides

Address: Sky Lanes Bowling at 1477 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806
Lead Artists: Gus Cutty, & Topr as part of the Asheville Mural Project | Collective artists mural

Most famous to West Asheville, say hello to The Dude from The Big Lebowski — painted by Gus Cutty.

The Dude Abides is part of a larger Asheville mural project, “Burners and Barbecue,” meant to bring artists and the community together.

You can easily spot this gorgeous and fun Asheville mural from the road on Sky Lanes Bowling. Pretty perfect, right?

We are not going to lie; we headed right home to watch The Big Lebowski. White Russians, anyone?

Across the street, don’t miss one of the best places in AVL for burgers, The Malvern.

Asheville Silo

1 Roberts St., Asheville, NC 28801
Artists: Ian Wilkinson (Ian the Painter) & Ishmael

Asheville Silo Stay True slogan in River Arts DistrictPin
As you are driving into Asheville over the I-240W bridge, don’t miss the message from Ian the Painter and Ishmael…

Graffiti and urban art is a large part of the River Arts District (RAD). If you love Wynwood Walls in Miami, don’t skip over this part of Asheville.

Most famous, you cannot miss the Asheville Silo — an old grain silo with an ever-changing slogan. Since we have moved to town, the silo has read “Stay Weird,” “Good Vibes,” “Stay Home,” and “Stay True.”

You can find the Asheville Silo around 1 Roberts Street just a tad off of the main road. The Silo is a collaboration between Ian the Painter and Ishmael.

I highly recommend following Ian the Painter’s Instagram account for the most accurate and comprehensive details about his projects as well as Ishmael’s IG.

Fender Bender (Homer Simpson)

Asheville Waste Paper Company: 304 Lyman St., Asheville, NC 28801
Artist: Jerkface

Fender Bender Mural Asheville NC with Homer Simpson holding donut mixed with Bender from Futurama by JerkfacePin
NYC artist, Jerkface, created this iconic mashup in RAD.

Located at the Asheville Waste Paper Company in the River Arts District, don’t miss Homer Simpson meets Bender from Futurama. Jerkface, an NYC artist, painted this Asheville mural titled “Fender Bender.”

You can find this iconic AVL mural around 304 Lyman St. starting along Riverside Drive.

What you should you do after AVL mural spying? Don’t miss seeing Everything You Can Do In Asheville Here.


Aloft Hotel: 51 Biltmore Ave. Parking Garage
Artists: Ian Wilkinson & Alex Irvine

Daydreamer Aloft Mural Asheville Alex Irvine and Ian Wilkinson  woman leaning out of a window and daydreaming made from tiles and ceramicsPin
One of the most unique murals in Asheville, don’t miss Aloft’s Daydreamer over the Biltmore Ave. parking garage. Is she dreaming about all of the Asheville beer that she’s about to drink?

On the side of the Aloft Hotel — on the corner of Lexington & Aston — don’t miss the Daydreamer. Alex Irvine and Ian Wilkinson sculpted and installed this surface and ceramic tile mural in 2014.

Commissioned by the City of Asheville, you can read more about the entire creation process here.

The mural depicts a woman leaning out of a window and daydreaming as she overlooks downtown Asheville. She is also the gatekeeper to the 51 Biltmore Ave. Parking Garage.

You can follow Alex Irvine on Instagram here.

Burial Beer Co.’s Tom Selleck & Sloth

Burial Beer Co.: 40 Collier Ave., Asheville, NC 28801
Artist: Gus Gutty

Burial Beer Co Tom Selleck Sloth Mural Asheville with Sloth's arm around Selleck next to barrels and a barnPin
Nothing screams Burial Beer like Tom Selleck and Sloth.

Of course, one of the most well-known murals in Asheville, you cannot miss Gus Cutty’s Tom Selleck & Sloth mural at Burial Beer Co. in downtown Asheville located at 40 Collier Ave.

I’m not even going to try to explain this one. On their website Burial says:

First, yes it’s Tom Selleck, not Burt Reynolds. Second, when we first opened we were loaned a rare and beautiful velvet Selleck to display our taproom.

Soon after, a portrait of Sloth made its way into our hands and the hearts of all who gazed upon his likeness. Meanwhile, on the outside of our brewery, a need to fill the blank canvas of our bare concrete wall began to grow and gave way to a night of long, arduous and soul-searching conversation among Jess, Doug, and Tim to decide what things were important enough to them to immortalize forever.

Should it be our logo? A portrayal of our belief in the beautiful and aching cyclical nature of life and death? A light side/dark side piece that is reflected in all our labels?! Sometimes speaking the most important thing about yourself to the world, means speaking about thing that makes you laugh and brings you joy without fail.

And sometimes that means your self-portrait looks like a world where Sloth and Tom Selleck are best friends on an urban farm brewery nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains, just living their dream of being best buds.

Burial Beer Co.

Chicken Alley Mural

Chicken Alley Asheville, NC 28801
Artist: Molly Must

Molly Must Chicken Alley Mural Asheville NC with 10 foot rooster, chicken sitting down, and woman holding and selling jars of honeyPin
Don’t miss Molly Must’s gorgeous tribute to Sam and Argie Young as well as their granddaughter, Sandra. If you are struggling to find Chicken Alley, just follow the tiny houses and look for the 10-foot rooster… Ohhhh, and watch out for ghosts.

Welcome to Chicken Alley! You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see a 10-foot rooster.

Molly Must – another famous Asheville mural artist – designed and painted this mural in 2011. You’ll learn more about the chicken processing plant owned by Asheville natives, Sam and Argie Young.

Sam and Argie Young portraits in frames Chicken Alley Asheville NCPin
Meet Sam and Argie Young, Asheville owners of a chicken-processing plant.

You’ll also see their granddaughter, Sandra Gudger, depicted holding honey; she was a local beekeeper.

South Lexington Ave. used to host a farmer’s market, and the mural is a reverent nod to Asheville’s agricultural history.

Chicken Alley Asheville mural with Sandra Gudger holding and selling honey next to chicken and roosterPin
Sandra Gudger, the Youngs’ granddaughter, offered her stories and photographs to the Chicken Alley mural project. Don’t miss Boy, the black snake at her feet.

There are also rumors that Chicken Alley is pretty haunted… A doctor attempted to break up a bar fight and received a knife to the heart.

Small houses artwork Asheville with tiny painted and sculpted red and brick houses on Woodfin St. in downtown AshevillePin
Don’t miss these tiny houses on Woodfin Street.
fairy houses Woodfin Street Asheville NC with small houses attached to brick wallPin
Do you think a mouse or fairy will pop out if I knock on the door? And maybe hand me wine?

Chicken Alley is located off of Woodfin Street between Carolina Lane and North Lexington Ave. Check it out on Google Maps.

Lexington Ave. Gateway Mural & Chess Players

Broadway & Merrimon Ave., Asheville, NC at 1-240 Bridges
Muralists: Molly Must, Joshua Spiceland, Daniel Beck, Harper Leich, Kurt Thaesler, Steve Lister, and later, Ian Wilkinson, Trish Tripp, and Melissa Glaze

Lexington Gateway Mural Asheville NC with colorful portraits under a highway bridge on columns Pin
Meet the residents of Asheville, NC as part of the Lexington Gate Mural project.

An older public art collaboration, painted from 2008-2009, the Lexington Gateway Mural greets visitors at the juncture of North Asheville and downtown on the I-240 bridges located on Broadway Avenue.

Asheville Lexington Gateway Murals with colorful portraitsPin
Lexington Murals In Asheville with red and blue birdsPin

As part of the Arts 2 People and Asheville Mural Project (AMP) — a nonprofit dedicated to local public art — you’ll find numerous images and local portraits showcasing Asheville’s vibrant community.

The Chess Players Murals Asheville NC with chess broad painted under highway bridgePin
Across the street, don’t miss the Chess Players. Molly Must created this Asheville mural in collaboration with Ian Wilkinson.

More Asheville Murals We Love

Buddha Mural – 10,000 Buddhas Project

Address: The Social Lounge | 29 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801
Artist: Amanda Giacomini

10000 Buddhas Asheville Murals with blue purple and green buddhasPin
Asheville Murals Buddhas Downtown with artist Amanda Giacomini in front of purple, green and blue BuddhasPin
India’s Ajanta Caves inspired artist and yoga teacher, Amanda Giacomini, to start the 10,000 Buddha’s project — painting 10,000 Buddhas around the world. Thanks to Amanda for this picture of her working on the project.

Live At Aloft

Address: 51 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
The Aloft is one of our top recommended Asheville Hotels. Book Now.

Live At Aloft Downtown Asheville Mural with blue guitar and names of music artistsPin
New to the Aloft Hotel in downtown Asheville, don’t miss this hat tip to Asheville’s music scene.

Lionel Richie

Address: The Orange Peel | 101 Biltmore Ave., Asheville, NC 28801
Artist: Gus Cutty

Lionel Richie Mural by Gus Cutty The Orange Peel Asheville with Richie, a Black man, wearing a hot pink shirt and jeansPin
Don’t miss Lionel Richie in downtown Asheville next to Wicked Weed. Richie played at the original Orange Peel back in the late 1970s as part of the Commodores.

pleb urban winery

Address: 289 Lyman St.
Grab our full list of Wineries In Asheville

pleb urban winery Asheville NC with gray building and blue and turquoise mural of white brunette woman blowing a dandelionPin
Head to the River Arts District for endless street art. Homes to the most consolidated area of murals in Asheville, you can find public murals inside and outside of establishments like pleb urban winery.
pleb urban winery with 3 glasses of red wine and their urban art mural and logoPin
Inside of pleb urban winery, you’ll find another Gus Cutty masterpiece.

Foundation Walls Project

Address: River Arts District – 339 Old Lyman St, Asheville, NC 28801
There are endless murals throughout RAD.

Goat Snake

Artist: Jerry Cahill

River Arts District Murals Asheville NC rainbow snake with animal face inside itPin
Don’t miss one of our favorite rainbow murals by Jerry Cahil in RAD.

The Littlest Birds

Address: The Littlest Birds Asheville | 647 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806
Artist: Braxton Art

The Littlest Birds Asheville Mural with yellow background and green, blue and purple birds that look a bit like owls tooPin
I love any Asheville mural that looks like an owl.

Fox Mural

Address: Across the street from 647 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806
Artist: Gus Cutty

Fox Mural West Asheville with large fox looking over river with mountainsPin

Joan Of Arc (Ella)

Address: Next To Archetype Brewing at 265 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806
Artist: Ian Wilkinson

Joan of Arc Ella Mural West Asheville with young woman with shoulder length hair in suit of armorPin
Known as Joan of Arc or Joan of Asheville, Ian the Painter created this beautiful portrait of his daughter Ella. We are getting those GOT vibes, too.

For a little more information about this Asheville mural, Ian noted that:

This image will be observed by the public and identified as Joan of Arc, which is fine. But it’s actually my sweet daughter Ella. My firstborn, my heart. And this is how her dad would like to send her out into the dating world, in a heavy suit of armor. Jk but I want her to come up in a world where we don’t have to explain equality among the sexes it’s just a given…

Read the full story on Instagram here: Ian the Painter

Bucket List Murals In Asheville, NC

Hank and Lucy by Kathryn Crawford Art – Patton Avenue Pet Company – West, Asheville, NC
Triangle Park Mural – Sycamore Alley and South Market Street – Downtown Asheville

Here’s Where You Can Support All Of These Artists

Ian Wilkinson (Ian the Painter): Instagram | Website
Ishmael: Instagram
Topr: Instagram
Alex Irvine: Instagram | Website
Molly Must: Instagram | Website
Gus Cutty: Instagram | Website
Jerry Cahill: Instagram | RAD Printworks At Foundation Studios
Jerkface: Instagram | Website
Amanda Giacomini: Instagram | Website
Braxton Art: Instagram | Podcast

Thank you so, so much to artists Alex Irvine, Ian Wilkinson, Jerry Cahill, Gus Cutty, Molly Must, and Amanda Giacomini for providing extra information and the privilege to feature their artwork on Uncorked Asheville.

What are your favorite Asheville murals and street art?

What are your favorite murals in Asheville, NC? Did we miss one that you love? Let us know in the comments.

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