Visiting Biltmore With Kids: 8 Fantastically Fun Family-Friendly Activities

Are you wondering if you should visit Biltmore with kids? Discover 8 family-friendly activities, including free things to do, for young children at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Can You Successfully Visit Biltmore With Kids?

This article is written by both me (Christine) in collaboration with my favorite mom blogger and good friend, Tori Curran of Explore with Tori. Explore our comprehensive guide to having the best Biltmore experience.

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Welcome to Biltmore Estate – America’s Largest Home – built for George and Edith Vanderbilt. Biltmore is a historic Asheville icon and a must-see tourist attraction, even with traveling with small children.

I was unsure about visiting the Biltmore with kids. I had a potentially very loud four-month-old and a two-year-old who thinks the world is his playground. It is…usually.

But a historic mansion filled with antiques, glassware, and hundreds of signs reading “DON’T TOUCH?!”

Sounds like something my two-year-old would like to challenge. And shouldn’t.

Still, during our relocation move from New York to Dallas, TX, we found frequent stops pertinent. Asheville was always on our list – as was Biltmore – and we were passing through.

What could be the harm in a visit with our children?  Getting kicked out? Wasting $67.50 a ticket? Losing my mind?

Surprisingly, none of that happened. As it turns out, visiting Biltmore with kids wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought.

In fact, Biltmore Estate is incredibly kid-friendly. If it’s not on your family travel bucket list, it should be.

There are tons for littles of all ages from playgrounds and animals to shopping and themed restaurants. Even the mansion itself can widen the smallest of eyes.

The winery offers complimentary grape juice so that children can join in the tasting fun. I can’t speak to it, though, since we didn’t partake. Don’t tell Christine!

Headed To Biltmore With Kids? Save These Family-Friendly Activities For Later:

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Are you planning a family trip to Biltmore? Save these kid-friendly Biltmore attractions and activities for later. Tour Biltmore like a local with Uncorked Asheville.

What Is The Cost Of Biltmore For Kids?

Prices to visit Biltmore Estate vary by season and range from about $64 to $79 for adults. Kids ages 10-16 are half the price of adult admission. Children 9 and under are free.

If staying at an Airbnb, your host may have an annual pass to get your tickets with a slight discount. Plus, Biltmore has sporadic promotions.

Don’t let the cost of the Biltmore discourage you from touring with your kids.

Once you realize just how much Biltmore Estate has to offer, even for young families, you’ll quickly realize the price is more than justified.

Are Strollers Allowed At Biltmore?

You may bring a stroller into Biltmore Estate. Elevator access is only available for the first and second floors, though.

The basement and third floor are accessible only by stairs.

I recommend babywearing, if possible, or using a compact, foldable travel stroller, like the GB Pockit.

If you’re visiting with a full-size stroller, you will be asked to leave it outside before taking the stairs.

8 Engaging Things To Do At Biltmore With Kids

I am pretty sure that you could spend DAYS at Biltmore with kids. The grounds are huge. Endless Biltmore activities and things to do await you and your entire family.

When you have younger children and are on a time crunch, though, what should you see? Here are Tori’s top kid-friendly Biltmore activities and attractions.

1. Tour Biltmore Estate Main House

Biltmore Estate Indoor Swimming Bowl with no water and mannequins in swimming clothesPin
Biltmore Estate played a vital role in Asheville’s history. If you are touring Biltmore with kids, take a self-tour of Biltmore House to see the pool, bowling alley, and library.

You can’t visit the Biltmore Estate and not see the house. George Vanderbilt’s own daughter, Cornelia, grew up at Biltmore Estate. Plus, it’s a great inclement weather activity.

Despite the grand opulence and antique decor, the home is still very inviting for families and children. Kids will especially love the children’s nursery along with the bowling alley and indoor pool.

Older children will benefit from the children’s audio tour, narrated by Cedric, the Vanderbilt family’s Saint Bernard.

Listeners will hear about secret passageways and life as a Vanderbilt heiress.

P.S. You can also see Cedric’s dog collar at Cedric’s Tavern in Antler Hill Village. Black and white pictures of the beloved pooch line the walls.

If you are visiting Asheville from November through January, don’t miss all that you can do at Biltmore for Christmas too.

Your littles will love all of the presents, Christmas trees, and holiday decor spread throughout the home.

Uncover a few fun Biltmore House facts before your visit.

2. Dine At The Stable Café

Pisgah Playground And Slide For Kids at Biltmore EstatePin
Munch in the old Vanderbilt horse stables, perfect for families. Photo by Tori-Leigh

Is dining at Biltmore kid-friendly? You bet!

Imagine Vanderbilt-inspired craft cocktails and Southern fare in a historic, yet child-friendly setting. Biltmore’s Stable Café is the best on-site dining option for kids.

If you are lucky to grab a booth in one of the old horse stables, the kids are quietly contained literally in their own corral.

Stable Cafe’s kid menu features items like chicken tenders, burgers, BLTs, and sandwiches. Adults can enjoy classics like BBQ platters and sandwiches – with that seasonal cocktail.

See where else you can have lunch in Asheville along with the best overall AVL restaurants for kids.

Or, check out these restaurants near Biltmore for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We highly recommend Corner Kitchen or Juicy Lucy’s (burgers and milkshakes) – two terrific restaurants around Historic Biltmore Village.

3. Stroll Biltmore’s Gardens

Biltmore Walled Gardens Asheville NC with red, pink, yellow, and orange tulips with brown trellis for Biltmore Blooms in springPin
In the spring and summer, be sure to head to the gardens for Biltmore’s infamous blooms.

Kids will love releasing that pent-up energy in Biltmore’s Gardens. My toddler especially loved running through the Azalea Garden.

From late March until early October, spy stunning Biltmore Blooms, especially in the Walled, Rose, and Shrub Gardens.

And, don’t miss Biltmore Conservatory or the view of the Biltmore Waterfall next to Bass Pond.

Read more about all of Asheville’s beautiful parks and gardens as well as Asheville’s waterfall hikes.

4. Hike Or Bike Biltmore’s Gorgeous Trails

Biltmore Estate WaterfallPin
Did you know that Biltmore has a waterfall on the property?

Speaking of Biltmore’s waterfall, your kids might enjoy hiking or biking Biltmore Estate. Trails wind through the grounds and next to the French Broad River.

Experience Biltmore’s grounds the way the Vanderbilts did with their own daughter. You can also rent bikes at the Bike Barn. Many of these trails are short and easy for families.

Read more about all of Asheville’s fabulous hiking trails.

5. Play At Pisgah Playground

Pisgah Playground And Slide For Kids at Biltmore EstatePin
Kids will love Biltmore’s wooden playground. Photo by Tori-Leigh.

Named after the Pisgah National Forest, Pisgah Playground sits in Antler Hill Village. The impressive wooden playground also features activities to connect children to the Estate’s history through play.

We were hard-pressed to pull our toddler away from this playground.

6. Visit The Animals At Biltmore Farmyard

Visiting The Biltmore With Kids with two brown and white horses with sandy colored manesPin
Don’t miss out on saying hi to the horses, pigs, ducks, and chickens at Biltmore Farmyard.

Did you know that Biltmore Estate has barnyard animals? Visitors may see hens, lambs, cows, horses, and goats with their complimentary visit to the farmyard.

Available staff will discuss how the animals are a crucial part of the estates and provide hands-on activities.

7. Watch An Antler Hill Barn Craft Demonstration

Antler Hill Barn provides demonstrations from blacksmiths, farmers, and woodworkers. Transport back in time and see what living on the Estate was like for the workers.

Children are able to take their lessons further by creating themed take-home toys and souvenirs.

8. Enjoy A Special Family Excursion

Picnic Biltmore Estate with picture of fly fishing boat at LagoonPin
Did you know that you and the family could spend an entire day at Biltmore?

Families can enjoy carriage rides through obscure parts of the Biltmore Estate.

Meander the paths on horseback or schedule a fly fishing lesson.

Did you know Biltmore has a falconry program? Interact and learn about trained hawks and falcons.

Or, relax as a guide paddles your family down the French Broad River. The options for family tours seem endless.

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Things To Do At Biltmore Estate With Kids with pictures of Biltmore House, brown and white horse at Biltmore Farmyard and boat on Lagoon for fly fishingPin
Are you headed to Asheville, NC? If you are visiting Biltmore with your family, save these 8 kid-friendly things to do at Biltmore for later. Experience Asheville like a local with Uncorked Asheville.

Are You Ready To Visit The Biltmore Estate With The Kids?

What was planned as a half-day excursion to Biltmore turned into one of the best day trips we’ve had with our kids.

We enjoy traveling with our kids and don’t let their young ages hold us back.

But, we’re always thankful when something we expected to be more adult-ish turns out to be perfect for our family of four. 

In the best way possible, Biltmore captured our hearts and left us wanting more. If you’re on the fence about visiting the Biltmore with kids, just go for it. You won’t be sorry.

Biltmore Estate Address & Information

Address: 1 Lodge Street Asheville, NC 28803
Phone Number: 800-411-3812

Parking is free with your ticket, and there are shuttles from many of the non-walkable lots.

When visiting Biltmore, it is best to reserve your house tickets (by date and time) in advance.

You will also want to make lunch or dinner reservations ASAP.

Please be sure to head to the Biltmore Estate website for more information.

If you are looking for more educational and kid-friendly activities, don’t miss some of Asheville’s interactive science & art museums.

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  1. Um, I don’t have children either, but I want to go to the Biltmore and have some grapefruit juice. That is so stinkin’ cute.

    Now, since my furbabies are my children too, they’d love to visit all the animals and run wild around the estate gardens and trails. They probably won’t behave as well as Tori’s kids.

    This is a great post! In all seriousness, I am planning to share with my SIL just in case she has Asheville in mind for a future adventure with the kiddos. I do plan to visit the Biltmore and Christine sometime in the near future, and since I’m a kid at heart, I want to do everything on this list. So fun!

    1. Haha, I want to have adult grape…juice. Isn’t that adorable and perfect, though? If I had non-furry babies, I would definitely let my kiddos learn about tasting early–like the good Italian that I was raised to be.

      The good news here: the Biltmore Estate is pet-friendly like most of Asheville. Mav and Lulu would love it.

      Tori did such a fantastic job with this post. She covered it all. The funny part is that Tom and I did most of these activities until we got to the wooden playground that hinted it wasn’t for *big* kids like us…we didn’t want to look like creepers, either. I do have pictures of Tom petting the animals, though.

      Yay, come visit! We saw Tori and her family on her trip through Asheville to Dallas. I hope this post is great for your SIL and so many others.

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