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37+ Mischievous Gifts For Bear Lovers

Are you looking for gifts for bear lovers? Find bear souvenirs, funny bear gifts, and teddy bear-related gifts for the bear enthusiast in your life.

Everyone knows from The Uncorked Librarian’s Twitter that our Asheville, North Carolina home is also residence to some pesky but adorable black bear families.

They flip our plants, climb our trees, and look into our windows. Our home –or their home — is the pathway to their den.

We love our bears, and we make sure to respect them and give them their space. Wanting to keep them safe, we make sure to guard our trash and not come in contact with them.

We stare from afar out our windows, spying their cute AF furry and itchy butts. Our cats are not amused by the “big fuzzy evils” or their giant teeth.

Our black bears have become such a part of our Asheville, NC experience. And, yes, you can run into them in neighborhoods and on the trails.

In honor of our new friends, find funny gifts for bear lovers as well as cute bear gift sets, bear Christmas gifts, bear-themed family games and apparel, books, and bear souvenirs to remind you of your more unique and special Asheville experience.

Not all of these gifts are just black bears either. Let’s get started!

Best gifts for bear lovers with dark brown, light brown, and white teddy bears

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Bear Gifts You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Bear-Themed Socks & Apparel
  • Mugs & Glasses In The Shape Of Bears
  • Bear Board Games
  • Coasters, Wine Bottle Holders, And Night-Lights
  • Bear-Related Books & DVDs For The Entire Family
  • Black Bear Kitchen Aids Such As Oven Mitts, Salt And Pepper Shakers & Utensil Holders
  • Bear Pillows & Blankets
  • Funny Bear T-Shirts
  • Bear-Themed Gift Wrap
  • And Of Course, Plush Teddy Bears

Best Gifts For Bear Lovers

37 Gifts For Bear Lovers Pin
Loving these bear-theme gift ideas? Pin it for later when you are ready to shop (or remember your Asheville vacation).

Bear Souvenirs

Bear Coasters

After seeing our baby bears eating acorns close up through the windows, their massive paw prints are for real. Remember your NC travels with these boating bears.

Bear Souvenirs like Coasters

Boozy Bear Souvenirs

If you know me from The Uncorked Librarian, you know that I love my cocktails and wine. Who can resist these cute and funny bear-ware presents? Truly, I feel like our bears look at us upside down like this through the windows.

Upside down bear souvenir glass
Bear themed gifts like a funny black bear wine bottle holder

Gummy Bears

I absolutely love Gummy Bears. Did you know that you can make drunken gummy bears by soaking them in hard booze? Even better.

Gummy Bears

Campfire Black Bear Night-Light

We love making s’mores, but I’m not going to lie: we don’t hang out on the lawn when it’s active bear season. While we love to share, we don’t appreciate uninvited guests. Even cute ones.

Black Bear Themed Night Light

Bear-Themed Gifts For The Kitchen

Black Bear Utensil Holder

Many of the homes in established Asheville neighborhoods are older. We could use more cabinet and kitchen space, which makes utensil holders the perfect practical bear lover gift.

Black Bear Utensil Holder

Black Bear Salt & Pepper Shaker

You always see the videos of bears breaking into people’s cabins and grabbing the goods, which is terrible for all parties involved. However, this black bear is adorable and hilarious vs hungry and destructive. Think he’ll give up the goods?

Salt and Pepper Funny Bear Gifts

Oven Mitt Bear Paws

I hesitate to add oven mitts to my gifts for bear lovers gift guide. Sadly, in Asheville, someone was catching bears and cutting off their paws. Awful, I know.

In honor of not harming our bears and loving them, check out these adorable oven mitts, which are MUCH better than the real thing. Leave my bears alone, terrible human being.

Funny bear gifts like oven mits with bear claws

Bear-Themed Gifts For The Family

DVDs Featuring Bears

In case you are looking for bear gifts for the entire family, you will love these adorable bear movies and documentaries. Paddington is a classic.

Bear Themed Gifts For The Family Disney Bears Movie
Bear Theme Gifts for the family like Paddington Bear DVD

Bears vs Babies Game

This game is not for everyone, and you need a sense of humor. Made from the creators of Exploding Cats, build hilarious monsters that…eat really bad babies. Check out the full deal, here.

Bear vs Babies Board Game

Bear-Themed Apparel

T-Shirts For Bear Lovers

Living in Asheville, we are incredibly active. If you visit, you might want to pack some extra “down-time” clothes for casual walks and hikes plus all of that craft beer. Did my jeans button just pop?

Papa Bear and Momma Bear Matching T-shirts
Funny gifts for bear lovers bear hug t-shirt

Woodland Forest-Themed Socks With Bears

Do you ever feel like Snow White? I certainly do living in the mountains. We encounter deer, wild turkeys, bobcats, raccoons, and bears on a weekly basis during the fall in Asheville.

Bear  Theme Gifts Socks
Gifts for bear lovers socks

Adorable Bear Apparel For Kids & Babies

Full disclosure, we have fur-babies. But, if I had baby bears, these are adorable. I think I can swaddle my Maine Coon in that bear baby blanket, right?!

Bear-themed baby onesie
bear related gifts for the family baby bear blanket
long-sleeved bear onesie for boys

Funny Bear Gifts

Black Bear Fan Pull

After watching our big momma bear climb a giant tree to the top of our two-story home, I feel like this bear-themed fan chain is pretty realistic. Momma’s claw marks cut into the tree, and we watched her slide right down to the ground.

Black bear hanging from fan pull bear themed gift

Surprise Bear Mug

This is how I felt when we moved in: SURPRISE, THERE IS A BEAR IN YOUR GARDEN. This mug is for both coffee and bear lovers.

Ceramic Bear Mug with bear inside

Hilarious Bear Yard Ornament

Anyone else think yard gnomes are creepy? Have you read R.L. Stine? C’mon. While black bears are gentle giants, I love this bear-themed gift and lawn ornament.

Funny Black Bear Gift Sculpture Eating Yard Gnomes

Bear Pillow

This might be the funniest pillow, ever. I think we all need one around Christmas and for the holidays. Our bears are competing with Cousin Eddie.

Funny bear gift pillow with bear in Christmas sweater

Teddy Bear-Related Gifts

Bear Plush Toys

Even in my 30s, I cannot resist a cute bear stuffed animal. Check out these teddy bear presents, including Paddington.

Teddy Bear Related Gifts Plush Brown Bear
Paddington Bear Plush Bear

We’ve been told that because Asheville doesn’t get that cold in the winter (although we already had snow in early November), our bears will sleep and then pop out again and again. Apparently they hibernate in short bursts.

Sleeping teddy bear plush gift

Bear Gift Sets

Inspirational Bear Knickknacks

We love our bears, and they remind me that we share our home with nature. I love filming the bears from the windows to inspire others with their cuteness and as a reminder that there is so much more to life than we know. They teach us to be kind, PATIENT, and aware.

Bear gifts sets with Believe, Faith, Love, Hope four sculptures

Not a set, but I love this message too:

Bear Christmas Gifts Love Sculpture

Mama & Papa Bear Mugs For 2

The mama and papa bear gifts are truly endless. However, in North Carolina, you can never have enough mugs.

Bear Themed Gift set mugs for mamma and papa bear

Bear Christmas Gifts

Holiday Bear Books

I grew up with The Berenstain Bears. For adults and kids alike, their stories promote strong values of family, giving, and love.

Bear Christmas gifts like The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving Book

Bear-Themed Christmas/Holiday Gift Wrap

We actually made hotel welcome kits one year with those little white polar bear gift bags. I love woodland creature wrapping paper. If you don’t like shopping online, Target has some of my favorite holiday wrapping paper, bows, name tags, and ribbon.

Christmas Themed Bear Presents Wrapping Paper With Bears
Christine Bear themed gifts bags

Dapping Christmas Bear T-Shirt

Um, just yes. Please…

Dabbing Christmas Bear Tshirt

Book Gifts For Bear Lovers

Bear Book For Adults

As the internationally bookish and boozy blogger for The Uncorked Librarian, I have to share a few bear-themed book gifts too.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden in on my To-Be-Read list. Based on a Russian folktale, this popular novel follows Vasya, who can speak to mythical creatures. Dark and beautiful, The Bear and the Nightingale incorporates magical realism and historical literary fiction.

Book Gifts for Bear Lovers The Bear and the Nightengale

Bear-Themed Books For Children and Families

In my former days as a children’s librarian, Mother Bruce is still one of my all-time favorite children’s picturebooks. You can see why here.

Don't Feed The Bear Book
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See by Eric Carle
Books and gifts for bear lovers Mother Brice by Ryan T Higgins

Want to know a secret? Because my other gig involves blogging about booze, Grammary keeps trying to change the word “bear” to “beer.” It knows me SO well.

What is your favorite gift idea for the bear lover in your life? Is there anything that you would add?

I hope you gained a few new gift ideas for bear souvenirs and Christmas or holiday bear-themed gifts.

Shopping Soon? Pin This Gifts For Bear Lovers Gift Guide For Later.

Mischievous bear gifts and souvenirs pin
Honor the bear enthusiast in your life. Pin these bear-themed gifts for your next online shopping binge.


Sunday 1st of December 2019

I am THERE for those bear oven mitts and I loved watching the Paddington movies. Obviously I need to be closer to Asheville or somewhere similar so I can enjoy black bears (from a very, long way away). I'm not sure how I'd cope if I came across one on a hiking trail. Thanks for the "not looking them in the eye" tip.... That would have caught me out.


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

Don't you just love those bear oven mitts? And yes, Paddington is so sweet. I was stoked when they came out with those modern movies.

We had black bears in Florida too. Here, they are very itchy and fuzzy!

Thanks so much for stopping by the new blog! I really appreciate that you patron both The Uncorked Librarian and Uncorked Asheville--means the world to me.


Saturday 23rd of November 2019

I want so many of these!! They are freaking adorable! I think my favourites are the salt and pepper shaker, the bear hug tshirt and ALL the plushies (what can I say, I'm a sucker for stuffed animals.

Pretty sure I've told you we travel with two of our stuffed animals (shh, don't tell anyone!), one of which is Jeremy's childhood teddy bear. So you know we love bears in this family! And I'm always excited when you share your bear adventures!

Even though I can't buy any of these (sadly there just isn't room in our backpacks...) I'm still gonna pick out which ones I want for the future... you know, just in case...


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

I know how much you love your stuffed animals! Growing up, I had a big white bear that I called "Snow Bear." A few years ago, he was finally laid to rest.

I need to buy the holiday sweater-wearing bear pillow!


Saturday 23rd of November 2019

OMG I love your Asheville black bears! This is the cutest gift guide, and the hipster bear pillow is on point. Please PLEASE get the bear blanket for your Maine Coon, and send pics!! :D


Saturday 23rd of November 2019

I love them SO much too. I should ask grandma to get them swaddles...she'd be so down for that too.

Kathy | Tasty Itinerary

Friday 22nd of November 2019

Omg, can I PLEASE have that baby bear Swaddler for myself? That is soooo adorbs. A ton of cute stuff on this list. I especially love the boozy stuff.

Have you named your bears yet? You need to give them names since they are now part of the family. I don't know if I could live here. I'd be scared all the time. Lulu would want to get at it all the time. There would be so much drama in my house every time the bears are out. AS it is now, Lulu stalks all our squirrels and possums. Can't imagine a bear lol

Your Grammary comment made me LOL.


Saturday 23rd of November 2019

Can we swaddle Mav? I think we can...

They had these giant bear blanket throws that I almost put on the bear gift list...but it reminded me so much of bear hunting skin that I couldn't...even though they were so cute (and I want one!). Faux is totally OK, though, right?!

We haven't named the bears yet. I should! I name my cars.... Lulu would probably be like Beau and not *love* these bears...

Grammarly knows me SO well, it's scary.